Southwest's first large-scale toy exhibition in the 1980s awakens the sleeping memory of the post-80s generation

by:Ennas      2021-12-07

On June 28th, 200 'Transformers' will lead a large wave of characteristic toys from the 80s to gather in the sales department of Hot Springs, not for the movie, but for you to stage a toy exhibition of the 80s that travels through time and space. !  It is understood that the 200 “Transformers” exhibited in the 1980s Toy Fair are out-of-print and limited-edition products, which are rare in the market. Some media colleagues couldn't help being shocked when they heard the news, and issued a comment that 'this will be the first large-scale toy exhibition in the 1980s in Southwest China.' Collectors' 'one brother' will participate in the first large-scale toy exhibition in the 1980s in Southwest China. There will be 200 'TransformersThe whole city's eyes. According to the person in charge of the project, in order to provide the best interpretation of this exhibition, Ronghui Hot Springs will invite toy collectors to help fans of 'Transformers' and toy lovers in the 1980s.  But in fact, there are many senior Transformers players, not everyone has a collection of 200 out-of-print models; there are also many people who collect toys from the 80s, and not everyone has nearly a thousand pieces! At the 80s Toy Fair, Ronghui Hot Springs invited the collector Dong Di, known as the 'Big Brother' in the toy collection industry.  Dong Wei, an out-and-out 'post-80s' otaku, is obsessed with collecting all kinds of toys from the 80s. Through more than 20 years of collection, Dong Di has nearly 1,000 out-of-print and limited-edition toys, mainly Transformers. 'If Dong Di's toys are displayed, even young boys born after 00 will have their eyes brightened.' There was a media comment. In his collection, almost all toys from the 1980s can be found. Regarding the reasons for holding the toy fair, the person in charge of the Ronghui Hot Springs City project stated, 'The reason for holding this 80s toy fair is mainly to awaken the sleeping memory of the post-80s generation, and to let the post-80s relive the pure joy of childhood through a series of interactions. 'It is understood that at present, Ronghui Hot Spring City has launched a new hardcover group [Fairy Tale], a dream living space of 54-90 square meters, which is specially built for the post-80s.
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