South Korea launches smart plush toys for preschool education

by:Ennas      2022-01-02
If you are a child, are you willing to follow the instructions of your parents to clean the bedroom or are you willing to be friends with cute and friendly stuffed animals and do tasks together? I believe many people will choose the latter. Recently, a Korean manufacturer launched FriendDuda plush Toy.     Friend Duda   Friend Duda is based on Korean anime characters. It has a very cute appearance. Built-in speakers and microphones can be used for information dissemination by parents and children. Parents only need to input information through their mobile phones. For example, Mom and Dad are already tired from work. Can you help with it? The message will be sent to FriendDuda and spoken in Duda's lovely voice. FriendDuda also comes with 5 sets of NFC tag stickers. Parents or children can record messages through mobile phones or FriendDuda radio microphones in advance. When FriendDuda or parents’ mobile phones touch the NFC tags, the previously recorded messages will be read out. Parents can use plush toys to remind their children to eat more fruits and vegetables, clean the room, and so on.
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