South Korea _ carved figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-12
Core tip: South Korea's most ancient carving is located in ulsan, a dish of turtle river cliff. Also unearthed in the neolithic village site with clay, character and animal bones and stone carving of South Korea's oldest sculpture is located in ulsan, a dish of tortoise Taiwan river cliff. And in neolithic site unearthed in the village of clay figures and animals, bone and stone carving. Grate grain was the pottery in a main art form, with the advent of the era of agriculture, this art form was replaced by the curve pattern. Across South Korea has found some prehistoric artifacts, its forms of abstraction, is said to be used in religious artifacts. Produced a variety of bronze ware during this period, South Korea, but always cannot leave the tradition of the neolithic age, the art of this period is closely connected with religion. In The Three Kingdoms period, and gradually formed a new social order. At this point, the Korean art is still relatively simple, rough. But the rise of Buddhism enriched the content of this period the art and skill. Koguryo ( 37 BC - 668 AD) , paekche ( 18 ~ 660 BC) And the ghost ( 57 BC - 935 AD) The three countries are keen to Buddhism, the main sculpture as the Buddha. Major works have koguryo gold-plated bronze tathagata stands resemble gold-plated and bronze maitreya waterfall cave, Buddha goodness brume, smile. Paekche Buddha, such as red cliff stone Buddha mountain, face with a smile, let, graceful, with typical paekche artistic characteristics.
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