Sound-producing toys exceeding 85 decibels will affect the hearing of children under 10 years old

by:Ennas      2021-12-06

On Children’s Day, many parents buy fun toys for their children as holiday gifts. What kind of toys are safe? The reporters started to investigate. Sound-producing toys are favored by children. When investigating in Nanjing, Jiangsu, the reporter found that many children like toys with lights and stereos. Although some parents feel that these toys may have adverse effects on children’s vision, hearing and other health problems. Like it, many parents will eventually buy such toys for their children.   A staff member of a toy store in Nanjing also told reporters that toys like model houses that can sing and small pianos that can be played are indeed more popular with children, and they have always been their star products that sell well here.   Not only in shopping malls, but also in many small commodity wholesale markets, there are children's toys with lights and sounds, and the sales have been good. However, when the reporter visited several toy sellers and found that there are some toys with stereos that make very harsh sounds. Then this kind of sound that adults sounds harsh, will it have a bad effect on children? ? The sales staff told us that this kind of problem has little effect on children. Reporter: 'How old children do you play?'   Salesperson: 'You can play from a few months to 3 years old.'   Reporter: 'The voice can't be too loud, right?'  Salesperson: 'Yes, the voice of a few months old It can’t be too big. It doesn’t matter when he is one year old and two years old, because his hearing has returned to the normal stage. '   Sounding toys are not allowed to exceed 85 decibels. What kind of toys are safe? On the eve of Children’s Day, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee issued a new national standard for children’s toys. This new national standard, which will be implemented on January 1, 2016, includes basic specifications for toy safety, mechanical and physical Four mandatory contents including flammability and migration of specific elements. Compared with the current national standard, the changes in the new standard are mainly focused on the restrictions on the sound of toys, the requirements for the magnetic force of some small magnetic parts and the requirements for plasticizers.   Experts believe that the new national standard puts forward higher requirements for the safety of children's toys. Therefore, the reporter sent the children's toys previously purchased on the market to an authoritative testing agency and tested them in accordance with the requirements of the new national standard.   Li Junqi, director of the Toy Laboratory of Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center, said that in the new version of the national standard, there are two requirements for the sound of children's toys. For example, the sound of this toy is not allowed to exceed 85 decibels. In the actual test, the measured data exceeded 85 decibels, so (according to the new national standard) it was not qualified.   After testing, the sound of the children’s piano and the singing duck that the reporter submitted for inspection exceeded the requirements of the new national standard, which may have an adverse effect on children’s hearing development. Liu Mo, an otolaryngologist at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that in general, our normal hearing comfort rate is about 50 to 60 decibels. If it exceeds 85 decibels, there are reports in the literature that the hearing will be damaged. When a child is born, he The structure of his cochlea is basically similar to that of an adult, but the development of his nerve center, the cortex, will not be the same as that of an adult until about 10 years old. If it is stimulated by a relatively loud sound, it may still be damaged.  Some foreign children ate small magnets and died  During the visit, the reporter also discovered that there are some magnetic toys that look unsafe. The inspector also tested the toys with magnets submitted by the reporter for inspection. In the drop test, it was found that many small parts with magnets in the toys were easy to fall off. Once these small magnets are separated from the toys, they may be caught by children. Swallow it into the body, leaving a certain safety hazard. Zhang Yanfen, secretary-general of the National Standardization Technical Committee, said: There have been cases of injuries. A foreign child ate small magnetic particles from toys with small magnets, which caused two small magnetic particles to stick together in the viscera. The final death of the child.   In the new national standard, the magnetic force of magnets used in toys is clearly stipulated, and according to the regulations, the magnetic force shall not exceed 50 kilogauss per square millimeter.   However, among the children's toys submitted for inspection by the reporter, there are quite a few toys with magnets, and the magnetic force of the magnet exceeds the regulations of the new national standard.  Another important change in the new national standard for toys is to increase the requirements for the content of plasticizer in toys. Among the 8 samples sent by the reporter for inspection, if tested in accordance with the new national standard, a total of 5 samples failed to meet the new standard requirements.   Although there is still some time before the new national standard for children’s toys is officially implemented on January 1, 2016, manufacturers of children’s toys should start from now to effectively improve the quality and safety of the toys they produce.
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