Soil is analysed simulation of plant and animal figurines making _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-26
Core tip: the simulation of small sculpture art language, non-physical, has a certain functionality, the creation of artistic image, is a small sculptor psychological aesthetic illusion. Origin to the development of plants and animals carved from the simulation, the simulation of small sculpture art language, non-physical, has a certain function, the creation of artistic image, is a small sculptor psychological aesthetic illusion. Simulation from the origin to the development of plant and animal carving, all with decorative function as the basic principle, and full of mysterious and unique visual charm, adornment is in the clan, the flourishing of human earliest totem performance object, by hunting for the size of the various animals bone carving processing, and feathers to decorate, in a show of intimidation or glory. In clay production, for example: prepare mud processing first will directly from underground clay to remove impurities, a mallet, stick break manually dao, conditional and mash available machining. Too wet clay, indoors ventilated place, let the soil dry suitable humidity; Smashing mud to soil is too dry, put inside container, pour a suitable amount of water soak, and then to dao. Finally to attain soft hard moderate and not sticky mud is preferred. Processed clay pieces should be placed in cylinder or other fill inside, with a damp cloth or plastic cover to maintain a certain humidity, set aside. Or directly buy small red mud sculpture. Set aside. Small sample system sculpture according to owner confirm drawings, making the production of 1 meters small kind model samples in the premise of respect for the original, fully consider the feasibility of its main body comprehensive effect, processing, the rationality of the structure, the craft of art, on the basis of the three-dimensional structure and again on art creation. The United States, is a blend of natural natural appeal and appeal, appeal to build a harmonious, orderly unfolding of clutter of raw materials. 'Two beauty blend', '2' god is the highest pursuit, in the work of emotion in view of the sincerity is the key work to impress people. Our stone carving craft follow: palmists say they heart, handicraft is heart process! Without the participation of people, any a handicraft is a mechanical is careless. Why we can have a fascinating carved stone carving handicraft, because itself is a very devout heart. Take the inner frame into shape external mold making will make the clay mould, die points after good isolation layer; Die should give full consideration to the comprehensive effect, processing of feasibility, the rationality of the structure, process art, on the basis of the three-dimensional structure and artistic modelling on the die. The silicone mold making. The glass fiber reinforced plastic, paint surface treatment. After waiting for FRP dry can be artificial from the mold slowly started to knock out the edge of glass steel. Don't damage the mould, as far as possible when on mould case of damage must be repaired. When small glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is semi-finished products, need artificial its surface modification treatment, the surface to make imitation bronze, stone, marble and other effects. Transportation to the site installation. Contact simulation of small sculpture and small sculpture is both parallel coexist in the world in the development of plastic arts. God to each other, but the difference between the two is also obvious, most small sculpture pays attention to the objectivity and scientific nature, the pursuit of artistic expression of the profound and vivid, reflect on life, environment and the character, work performance is representational, 'realistic' as the main standards, the scientific principle is equal to art principle, so can offer free play for small sculptor less subjective creative opportunities.
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