Social statuettes: boyce large exhibition debut

by:Ennas      2021-09-14
Core clew: exhibition site boyce works show on September 7, 2013 afternoon, sponsored by the central academy of fine arts, central academy of fine arts gallery and his art museum, Beijing university of visual and image research works in the exhibition scene boyce show on September 7, 2013 afternoon, sponsored by the central academy of fine arts, central academy of fine arts gallery and exposure gallery, visual and image research center of Peking University, German culture collect new K11 art fund and Beijing & # 8226; Goethe institute co-sponsored the 'social statuettes: boyce in China' in the central academy of fine arts gallery A exhibition hall and three layers of A hall on the second floor and the public. Press conference, the graph of order curator professor laozhu speak in this exhibition by Yi Ying laozhu professor of Peking University and central academy of fine arts professor as a curator, Chinese scholars in Germany blue lens ms and ms now for joint curator, laozhu professor and the professor with Beijing university and the China central academy graduate student team, as well as Wang Chunchen associate professor leading the central academy of fine art work team, from the start the 2012 titled 'social statuettes: boyce in China' exhibition of the overall work. Wang Huangsheng central academy of fine arts dean, professor of speaking this is the first time boyce's solo exhibition in China, after nearly a year of preparation process, long experience goes, the sorry tale draws the final steady. Among them, his art gallery in Shanghai to join, make boyce work can not only in China, independent, but also has become China's art museum collection. Boyce provider: German collector michelle's Mr Boyce as one of the most important western artists in the 20th century, the influence of the world and China has a very long and art value, even can be said to be the whole of the 20th century's most important artists, he surpassed duchamp and become a key figure in the transformation of art after the second world war and representative. Boyce era of the special environment in the 1960 s, both to undertake the trauma of Europe, world war ii and the social situation of the cold war, therefore increasingly shows boyce reflections on social and political culture's position and social responsibility. His gallery director Yin in a speech boyce proposes the concept of art and art practice, everywhere showed the characteristics of The Times, as well as new ways of European social and political culture. Also because of this, boyce produced extensive influence in the world, and this effect has been to China, as influenced a large number of contemporary artists in China. Exhibition hall hung boyce photos but for China, we have a lot of to Boise is still not clear. Boyce could become a common topic of contemporary art history and a classical art practice, especially in the 21st century, boyce back into our view, this reflection brings new perspectives, and for the development of Chinese contemporary art, we must on the basis of understanding boyce beyond boice. So this by state policy in the exhibition and scholars independent planning, organization and implementation of the 'social figurines - — Boyce in China 'is in line with China's contemporary perspective to understanding, research and commentary boyce, also so think again our concept of art history and art practice. History is in the care to the front, while China's contemporary art only outlook for the global culture field of vision, can we truly creation and innovation in art and culture of their own. Boyce works show the scene during the boyce exhibition, K11 Art Foundation will launch a series of education with the central academy of fine arts gallery project activities. Cooperate with the exhibition will hold a series of academic lecture, art, history, influence and surrounding boyce's relationship with China art on in-depth discussion and influence, is the art of boyce get in-depth study and academic problems, promote the research of China western contemporary art, to establish boyce research in China, a new milestone. Boyce works show the scene boyce show site boyce works show the scene boyce works display site boyce works show the scene boyce show site boyce works show the scene boyce boyce works show the scene at the scene
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