'Social statuettes: boyce in September' landing central American art museum

by:Ennas      2021-09-11
Core tip: sponsored by the central academy of fine arts gallery, K11 Art Foundation ( KAF) Co-host of 'social statuettes: boyce in China' exhibition in Beijing on September 7, the central academy of fine arts gallery sponsored by the central academy of fine arts gallery, K11 Art Foundation ( KAF) Co-host of 'social statuettes: boyce in China' exhibition in Beijing on September 7, the central academy of fine arts gallery opening. At the same time, 'boies in China' series of public education activities, the dialogue KAF young artists projects, also boyce and Chinese contemporary art is an important topic. Boyce ( 1921年约瑟夫·博伊斯, 1986). That is one of the most important artists of the 20th century. Because was born in special time, his work is to undertake the trauma of Europe, world war ii and the social situation of the cold war, was a key figure in the transformation of the post-world war ii art and representative. Boyce put forward the idea of 'everyone is an artist', 'social figurines' ( Soziale Plastik) Movement. He tried to extended the concept of figurines, emphasizing static art into the dynamic process of artistic creation, and then extend it to the social life. Boyce of various forms, from experimental figurines to performance art. His works full of mystery and metaphor, felt and butter, he USES the existing object, and through the diggings of implicated and the relationships between objects of thoughts have become the new routines, as the existence of the history of art. Why this is, boyce, why become a common topic of contemporary art history and art practice. Especially in the 21st century, as a classic boyce again entered the view of the people to observe, to bring new perspectives and reflection of the witness, for the development of Chinese contemporary art, if we can not on the basis of understanding boyce beyond boyce, cannot ensure the independence of the Chinese contemporary art and modernity, also cannot show that Chinese contemporary artists to observe, reflect, think the initiative and creativity of the world. So, this and scholars by state policy in exhibition planning, organization and implementation of the 'social figurines - — Boyce 'in China, which is in line with China's contemporary perspective to meet boice, research, and commentary, also so think again our words and our art practice, art history its significance will be forward-looking transcendence and contemporary pioneering in China. History is the witness to the front, while the culture of the Chinese contemporary art is only discussed the global field of vision, can we truly creation and innovation in art and culture of their own. Boyce, will be the starting point of this ambition. K11艺术基金会( KAF) Is Hong Kong charities, as co-organiser of the exhibition, is for boyce ideas as well as the value of the project approval, hope to help young artists interpret classical art, to reach for local young creative groups in support of good programs. As greater China young artists of cultivating the springboard, KAF provide support for its continued, allowing the creative young artists and contribution to get attention; Through education programs, art space, and contemporary art collection, for young contemporary community, to provide appreciate the art of shortcut to improve our understanding of the culture. In addition, by the central academy of fine arts gallery, K11 Art Foundation jointly organize KAF young artist dialogue project will officially start on August 20, in the afternoon. Activity specially invited boyce team members, the central academy of fine arts gallery, curators Wang Chunchen associate professor, deputy director of the academic and 12 ( Group) Active young artists in the field of contemporary art, around boyce and China, boyce exhibition and happening in the moment of collision between contemporary art wit, free talk. ( JH:页面) In China central academy of fine arts gallery 'boyce' series of public education activities in the first game boyce, why? — — KAF young artist dialogue special guest: Wang Chunchen ( Associate professor of central academy of fine arts, academic, deputy director of the central academy of fine arts gallery) Guests: dialogue between Fake Design ( 2) , peak, He Chi, xiao-yuan hu, li liang, Leo li, Liu Lining, full yu, Meng Bai stretch, Xia Hang, Zheng Da, Zhou Qinshan ( According to the phonetic order) Time: on August 20, 2013, On Tuesday) PM - B1 VIP room (18:00 location: central academy of fine arts gallery Chaoyang district of Beijing huajiadi nanjie central academy of fine arts in the 8) Participation: 20 people ( First first served), Participation: SMS booking, booking successfully rear can participate in send text messages to 15101160820 appointment, after receiving the SMS reply booking successfully hosted: in collaboration with the central academy of fine arts gallery: K11 Art Foundation invited media: Art in China
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