Snoopy ushered in 65 years old-classic cartoon characters have entered the 'old age'

by:Ennas      2021-12-12

The pet dog protagonist 'Snoopy' in the world's best-selling comic series 'Peanuts' has celebrated his 65th birthday and recently came to China to celebrate his birthday. In recent days, a giant Snoopy with a height of 8 meters appeared in Lujiazui, Shanghai, accompanied by 2,000 super cute Snoopy dolls, 25 cute Snoopy with classic images, etc., attracting many citizens And the gaze of tourists. Not only is Snoopy welcoming 65 years old, Mickey Mouse in Disney animation is also 86 years old, and Donald Duck is also celebrating his 80th birthday. Although these classic anime characters have entered the 'old age educe. These cartoons themselves tell friendly and funny stories, which make the cartoon images 'appropriate for all ages and without borders.' These lively cartoon characters are not limited to TV and movies, but also enter people's daily life through holiday parks and design derivative products.   Experts pointed out that in recent years, a number of overseas classic cartoon images have set off a wave of nostalgia around the world through open display and interactive activities, which cannot be separated from the support of a mature industrial chain. Qian Jianping, director of Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio, said that as far as the experience of the 'Disney Model' is concerned, on the one hand, artistic images such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are deeply rooted in overseas cultural soil; on the other hand, Disney is the representative After long-term accumulation of the animation production model, its industrial chain integrating creativity, design, communication, investment and financing has been quite complete.  Analysis of industry insiders, from TV and film production, to park economy, to the development and design of derivative products, it can be found that the optimized communication platform and market resource allocation are the advantages of the 'full industry chain' accumulated by some overseas animation images in the past 100 years.  Analysis>>>  The road to domestic animation is still very long  Compared with the 65-year-old Snoopy, our Monkey King cartoon image is also over 50 years old, and the Black Cat Sheriff is 30 years old. The 'Pleasant Goat   However, some domestic animation stories and images designed for the young children’s market are accused of 'vulgar language, violent loss' and 'transmitting negative energy.' Another example is that after the sequels of some early popular animated films were released, the audience felt that they were 'out of touch with the times.' 'Every cartoon image is often integrated into the memory of a group. Chinese cartoon images still need to work hard. They need a universal, entertaining, and appealing way to everyone's hearts.' 'Kung Fu Panda' director Mark Osborne once reminded me. Chinese counterparts. Qian Jianping said that China still has a long way to go to build a 'century-old shop' in the animation industry, and achieve one or two 'Chinese-style Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, SnoopyThere will be a breakthrough. As for the layout of the 'whole industry chainAccording to the link of Xinhua News Agency >>>   Those who will never get old, whether they are born in the 80s or 00s, we always have our favorite classic anime characters hidden in our memory, and even some cartoon images will accompany us for several generations. Growth. As we grow up day by day, the cuties in those anime toys seem to never grow old. Classic foreign animation image Mickey Mouse 86 years old Donald Duck 80 years old Xiao Maruko 49 years old Hello Kitty 40 years old Ding Dong cat negative 98 years old (birthday September 3, 2112)     Classic domestic animation image Monkey King 50 years old Black Cat Sheriff 30 years old gourd baby 28 years old Avanti 34 years old Pleasant 9 years old
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