Smart connected toys will become a new trend in consumption

by:Ennas      2021-12-16

The Times (Reporter Shan Yi) As Christmas approaches, businesses have begun to make efforts for the last key holiday of the year. The reporter visited yesterday and found that the toy market is warming up ahead of schedule this year, and smart toys with interactive functions are most sought after by parents of “post-80s”. Industry insiders analyze that from the perspective of consumption habits, smart and connected toys will become a new trend.   In a shopping mall on Second Avenue, many new toys have launched a special Christmas promotion. The reporter noticed that, unlike in the past, some toys have been given scientific and technological functions. “For example, this kind of interactive dolls can install special apps to interact with them, and they will make corresponding actions and reactions, which is very interesting.” The sales staff told reporters that “post-80s” parents pay more attention to giving their children toys and gifts at Christmas. So after December, the number of parents who came to choose gifts increased significantly. The reporter then saw on 58 same city that some personalized customized toys have also begun to accept reservations.   The reporter noticed that e-commerce is also eyeing the smart toy market. LeTV Mall is currently pre-sale of LeXiaobao story machine. This toy is equipped with Android operating system, supports WIFI, connects to LeTV parent-child channel resource library, and has functions such as storytelling, chat, parent-child content, expert services, and prevention of myopia. 'Existing toys rarely consider the interaction between parents and children. Under the tide of the Internet, smart toys will gradually penetrate into parent-child education.' Industry insiders said that they not only cater to the consumption habits of 'post-80s' parents, It will also gradually cause a reshuffle of the toy market.
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