Small statues at baiyun airport (' fat ladies' Figure)

by:Ennas      2021-08-12
Core tip: fat ladies 'small statues at baiyun airport lounge. Zeng Yulin taken southern daily ( Reporter/Yang yi) Figurines home Xu Hongfei just from Turkey 'enjoy' the small statue figurine smoke fat ladies 'in the exhibition at baiyun airport lounge. Zeng Yulin taken southern daily ( Reporter/Yang yi) Figurines home Xu Hongfei just arrived from Turkey's statue of 'enjoy' the small pull back in the exhibition, and in the guangzhou baiyun airport launched his new statuettes show. On 10 August afternoon, from guangzhou baiyun international airport co. , LTD. , guangzhou figurine institute jointly organized 'based in guangzhou, towards the world - — Xu Hongfei individual figurines 'exhibition held in guangzhou baiyun airport art center start ceremony. Tong qu Xu Hongfei's masterpiece, 'the kiss' wind 'and other works at launch, besides his jade, white marble, bronze, wood and glass fiber reinforced plastic and other materials of 53 a fat female works with different volume, decorate the departure hall of baiyun airport terminal and boarding three hall. Xu Hongfei works in baiyun airport, airport said, can give the passengers have rich visual impact and travel experience, to inheritance and carry forward the Chinese modern art and culture, is also actively explore the new path of 'culture' at the airport. In the exhibition site, the past white and tan 'fat ladies', darling, for terminal added a lot of artistic atmosphere, watching them attract many tourists. Xu Hongfei said, many works of creative inspiration, originate from the journey on the dribs and drabs of stories, then mix grounding austral the implication of the earth. 'For an artist, you will never be able to jump time and environment and talking about the innovation of work, especially my fat ladies. In my hands, fat woman has always been about story about the south guangdong of China. My story, background and emotional narrative, a painting, is rooted on the land, is that it gave birth to the fat woman. That is why I in baiyun airport exhibition, no matter how far I go, guangzhou is my starting point and the foothold. ”
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