Small statue home to the lake

by:Ennas      2021-08-06
Core tip: grand beauty from the lake, 2014 China ( Changsha) International figurines cultural art festival opening day more and more close, the manufacturing site section figurines figurines - — When the lake wetland scenic spot also in grasping the 2014 China (from big beauty in the lake, Changsha) International figurines cultural art festival opening day more and more close, the manufacturing site section figurines figurines - — The lake wetland scenic spot also to construction in hurry. Figurines, making the scene: the culmination of a large lawn waiting the figurines section - — Figurine production site, located in the second phase of the lake wetland park egrets tower of anji. Reporters yesterday at the scene to see, there are more than half the size of a football field, the whole site is a flat piece of lawn. Area in the south, west, north water on three sides and the southeastern corner there is a new construction of gravel road is connected to a scenic road. At present, in south of the field has been set up good room, bathroom accessory buildings, such as power supply, water supply and other infrastructure is in place, some figurines home used stone material has been shipped to the site. Figurines home work shed, however, at present only in southwest area, build good a rest has not yet started. Explained the relevant person in charge of the lake, as a result of foreign figurines home is to changsha and then to the scene to choose their own specific job site, so it is not convenient for the rest of the construction of the greenhouse. It is understood that in addition to existing has built greenhouses, the rest of the building will be at the end of the figurines section removed, back to the lawn. To avoid irreversible destruction of the grass, the cement road and unpaved. Show the scene: waterproof rain the small statues section and carve a concert venue, the starting up ceremony, the lake wetland park in the second phase of the main entrance plaza. Square terrain is open, you can see egrets tower in the distance and the new building of the lake wetland museum. Set up in the square of the lake 'the forerunner of cattle' figurines, XiangJi by the famous painter, figurines, art connoisseur Liu Rendao conceptual design. Figurines high 8 meters, 12 meters long, wide 8. 7 meters, symbol 'changsha xiangjiang river new city builders industriously and pioneering spirit'. According to introducing, 'the forerunner of cattle' square not only incorporates the lake wetland and the double elements of figurines, cattle culture meaning more embodies the 'small statue is a need to grind the art', so the performance is selected as the opening ceremony. At present, the construction workers are time limit for a project to build a few days to catch up on stage. It is reported, because the show is in the open air, is used by the waterproof energy-saving environmental protection material. Even when bad weather, the actor on the stage performance also won't be too much interference. In addition, directors will advance one-time raincoat for the audience.
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