Small pom-pom toys from Yangzhou art masters make home 'Disney'

by:Ennas      2021-12-06

Evening chicken toys exported to Europe. Disney has several theme parks around the world. In these children's playgrounds, in addition to various amusement facilities, peripheral products such as children's products, household items, and plush toys are also world-renowned. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Arts and Crafts Industry Association that among the many plush toys of Disney, the category of pom-pom toys came from Yang Jiahui, a master of arts and crafts engaged in the production of velvet flowers.   On-site visit    Slap big toys are made by hand.    Slap big toys are made by hand. Yesterday morning, the reporter came to Yangzhou Jiahui Crafts Co., Ltd., which produces pom-pom toys for Disney. The pom-pom toy is actually a kind of plush toy, but its size is very small, only five or six centimeters in length.   A lot of finished products are being stacked in the company’s packaging workshop. All the toys are in Disney cartoon styles such as Mickey Mouse, Tigger, and Stitch. According to Yang Jiahui, general manager of the company, the production process of pom-pom small toys is mainly to cut large short plush materials into the size of a palm, and glue them into various Disney cartoon shapes, and then fill them with foam. Finally, paste the facial features for the cartoon shape. 'Because pom-pom toys are too small, and some facial features can even be picked up with tweezers, so basically all operations can only be made by hand.'    Yang Jiahui said that the company now has nearly 60 employees and produces pom -pom toys include more than 200 different cartoon styles of Disney. There are now more than 100,000 of these goods in the packaging workshop, and they will be shipped to Japan tomorrow. 'U.S. Disney is distributed in many countries around the world, and the pom-pom toys produced by us are mainly supplied to Japan.'    Canton Fair Encounters accidentally received a large Disney order. In the shipment to Japan, the reporter noticed , Each box of products is affixed with Disney’s exclusive laser anti-counterfeiting label. 'Without the authorization of Disney, no one would dare to produce these toy shapes, let alone export them. Once discovered, it would be an infringement.' Yang Jiahui said that the connection with Disney, a major customer, had to start with the Canton Fair in 2000. Now, because their product quality has passed the test, they have now obtained the other party's exemption qualification.   In 2000, Yang Jiahui and her husband took their own velvet products to participate in the Canton Fair, which attracted many foreign trade companies to come to negotiate. 'Anyway, if foreign trade companies have orders, we will take orders normally. As for where the toys will eventually be sold, it's not clear.' Yang Jiahui said. 'I only remember that after a while, a foreign trade company brought a lot of cartoon drawings and asked us to design a pom-pom toy. In order to receive this big order, I stayed up for several nights and repeatedly revised it. , The final sample finally got the affirmation of the other party.” Yang Jiahui said that it was not until then that she knew that the order came from the famous Disney company, and they also obtained the exclusive authorization from Disney through this order. 'Later as I learned, the authorization of pom-pom toys is only my family in China.'    The ten-year supply of quality and punctuality was exempted from inspection, not to mention the whole country. There are countless companies producing toys in Yangzhou, why Disney is so biased. What about this small company with an output value of only 4 million yuan? Yang Jiahui believes that quality, price, and punctuality are the 'three elements' for them to supply Disney for nearly ten years.   It is understood that there are many materials that can be used to make pom-pom toys, but Yang Jiahui insists on using high-priced imported short plush as raw materials. In this regard, Yang Jiahui explained that the smaller the toy, the higher the requirements for the feel of the material. Although other materials look not much different from imported short plush, you can find that imported short plush is more resistant to dirt after playing with it for a long time, and even if it is washed in the water, the hair will not collapse.  Because it is made by hand, the 'labor shortage' has always plagued Yang Jiahui. In order to deliver on time, Yang Jiahui sometimes had to increase the processing fee for each product to pay the workers. 'The processing fee has increased, but the ex-factory price of the product has been signed with the other party a long time ago, and the price cannot be increased without authorization. There is no way, in order to fulfill the contract, I can only suffer a little loss.'    Yang Jiahui said, but it is precisely because of the quality. Punctual delivery and stable prices have enabled them not only to receive orders regularly, each order is maintained at a quantity of more than 100,000, but also to obtain the product exemption qualification.  Master Transformation   also customized Christmas gifts for Europe   During the interview, the reporter learned that Yang Jiahui actually has another identity, that is, the inheritor of the intangible heritage project in Jiangsu Province—the craftsmanship of velvet flower.   Yang Jiahui has been learning the craftsmanship of velvet flower since he was a teenager, and is currently a celebrity of Jiangsu Province arts and crafts. 'The velvet craftsmanship is very complicated, and it usually takes at least three or four months for a work. However, due to the shrinking market, there are very few people who make velvet flowers full-time, and I am also gradually transforming while making flowers.' Yang Jiahui told reporters, one In the beginning, she switched to velvet chicken products, specifically exporting to Europe. However, because the sales period of down chicken products is only during Easter and Christmas, and the price is very low, it is almost difficult to make a profit. 'After a year, there are only a lot of orders for down chickens at the end of the year, so I can't keep workers. I can only transform again and start toys.' Yang Jiahui said, Yangzhou is the hometown of plush toys and there are many toy companies. If you want to compete with them, you can only give play to the advantages of making velvet flowers in the past, which is to specialize in uniquely shaped and exquisitely crafted palm toys. However, this also laid the foundation for the subsequent orders for Disney pom-pom toys.
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