Small garden statues and the integration of casting copper figurines _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-09
Gardens to improve the quality of the humanities environment become times people taste the key to the quality of life and spirit. Small garden sculpture as indispensable to the garden landscape. It enrich the landscape, with the effect that make the finishing point, and to form small sculptures, the benign interaction between and among the public, the botanical garden environment, and resonance. Also to the environment of artistic image and cultural connotation to ask for the update. Small sculpture is a kind of environmental art, it between painting and architecture, it need to foil and attachment. Small sculpture art out of the gallery, environmental features is its primary characteristics. Environment of the latter only ornament by carving and its building, the relationship between the relationship not only decides the form of sculpture. Small garden art and cast copper sculpture art under the influence or restrict each other, make the landscape environment space revealed a new face in due course. Makes the traditional garden space to innovation, and small sculpture as an isolated elements appear in the situation of the gardens have also been disappear. Artists should not be the first sculpture carved completely well.
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