Small DiaoXiangQun outdoor exhibition at the British contemporary artists

by:Ennas      2020-06-03
Core clew: on July 3, 2016, Mr. Figurines foundation will usher in a Chinese contemporary artist as the leading role of outdoor group exhibitions 'beauty' of the disorder ( 一个美丽的障碍) 。 At that time, there will be from July 3, 2016, Mr. Figurines foundation will have a Chinese contemporary artist as the leading role of outdoor group exhibitions 'beauty' of the disorder ( 一个美丽的障碍) 。 , will have 17 from China artists and art groups, including BiRongRong, fei, kaitlin, Cui Jie, Marvin, Li Jinghu, Lu Pingyuan, heavily silted company, rania ho, Song Ta, TuWeiZheng, Wang Sishun, wang wei, Wang Yuyang, such as diet, where zhang, zhao, this is Chinese contemporary artist collective large-scale outdoor figurine works in Britain for the first time. Wang Yuyang 2015 works 'Identity' zhao to 2015 the exhibition named 'A its of Thought' was inspired by the qing dynasty court painter, jesuit missionaries attiret ( Jean- DenisAttiret) In 1743 to write a letter - — With the beauty of 'disorder' to describe Chinese gardens by dramatically borrow scene strategy brings viewers subversive perception experience to form a unique charm, and even described the Chinese architects in at that time is how to use frame device complete magnificent imperial garden construction, it had a profound impact on the British landscape culture. Cass figurines foundation the WeiYao Chinese contemporary artist is currently very active young generation, hope that through their works better interpretation of Chinese culture, and the future development of Chinese contemporary art. Cui Jie 2015 works 'Pigeon House' TuWeiZheng 2015 works 'Bu Num Civillisation Wheel' in 1992, Britain's Wilfred and janet kass couple founded the non-profit nature of the 'kass figurines foundation', in the show covers an area of nearly 26 acres of land from the global important small sculpture artists, and through the creation WeiYao, display, trading will be returned the money to support their artistic creations, has become a unique charitable entities. So far, Mr. Figurines foundation commissioned the global new and large figurine works of famous artists are more than 400 pieces, including prolific British Anthony caro figurines home ( 安东尼•卡罗) , Turner prize winner Tony Craig, figurines, land art is famous for its high Andy has voss 安迪。 戈兹沃西) Contemporary artists, marc quinn ( Marc Quinn) , qiqi Smith ( Kiki Smith) And Rachel Reid (white Rachel Whiteread) And others. In 2002, Wilfred and janet kass couple in high Andy voss works 'Arch at Goodwood' before a group photo taken in 2012, Mr. Figurines foundation held exhibitions 'path to Tony Craig exhibition' mark the 20th anniversary of the founding, 12 pieces from Craig's important works on display. Now the cass figurines foundation will tentacles extend to all over the world, cooperate with global pioneer artists. , Craig, Versus, 2012, the Chinese contemporary artist small DiaoXiangQun show the beauty of 'disorder' in cass figurines foundation on display to November 6th.
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