Small central American teachers and students of oil painting exhibition at wuxi statue

by:Ennas      2020-05-29
Core tip: Lu Zheng far bag figurines huaxia collection network - sponsored by the central academy of fine arts design school, phoenix technique gallery to undertake 'inheritance and forward' - — Central academy of fine arts oil painting figurines division Lu Zheng far bag figurines huaxia collection network - sponsored by the central academy of fine arts design school, phoenix technique gallery to undertake 'inheritance and forward' - — The central academy of fine arts oil painting figurines exhibition and phoenix arts training center opening ceremony was held recently in wuxi phoenix technique art gallery, exhibition launched the China central academy of 76 teachers and students of oil painting, 150 small sculpture. The exhibition as the academic chair, the central academy of fine arts dean professor Yin Ji male puts it: 'figurine making sex and painting express sexual as mutual comparison will demonstrate important historical traces in this exhibition - — How they used their express themselves and make sex with Chinese special 'modernity' and 'contemporary 'conversation. At the same time, also can let us to notice such clues - — Some active institute of the artist is how to transcend the existing paradigm and activate the school field. 'Participating artists in different fields, different style, different materials, to varying degrees but promote the development of Chinese modern oil painting and figurines, for the subsequent development of Chinese art history played an important role. Artist dong-ming xie 'happy girl', the work of rich delicate sex language, the unique artistic perspective, describes the understanding and awareness of the real world, has a thick era, has a very high academic value. Artist liu xiaodong's work 'the three gorges immigrants', a close look, historical value is much higher than the painting itself. Mr. Liu's works from the realism oil painting red theme of 'who we are' to 'I', is the historic breakthrough art express way, and this is his important contribution to Chinese art history. The exhibition of Mr. Also brought another important work the soil child participation. Famous statuette, cafa doctoral tutor jian-guo sui's portrait of the blind 'is the latest series of important recently, works in this series of works on display at the opening extravaganza, experimental and historical depth, in the development of contemporary Chinese figurines of has the very profound significance. After 80 artists Lu Zheng far small sculpture 'chronic', there is like concealed, garbage and people, with and without value, value is an artist, special conditions in a particular period, deep reflection on the value system in the real world. Cafa students dantes figurine works of the withered flowers, is the emotional build domestic gold and gold refers to the secular value judgment, wilted flower means memories of blooming, artists to tell the audience: traditional living in the moment not only to look back, even the traditional harmony in our current life, this is the meaning of living in the moment. Students fook figurine works the regeneration pagoda series materials is extremely common disposable tableware of chopsticks, toothpicks, bamboo spoons, also is worth a look. Some teachers and students from the central academy of fine arts of this exhibition of paintings and sculpture, is just a microcosm of the one hundred central academy of fine art development, reflects the heavy spiritual illusion, we are in time and space bright show teachers and students continuously explore the important proposition and its developing clues. By artists and image selection, application, organization and refactoring, to reveal the inner link of art style and social culture suffered a number of topics, convey the contemporary art is the central academy of fine arts in contemporary culture and contemporary art in a self shape. At the same time, before the opening of the exhibition, the phoenix art training center also pulled open the prelude to the phoenix art education. After the start of the art training centre, the agglomeration of China fine arts colleges faculty, greatly improve the level of wuxi and the surrounding areas of fine arts education, improve the quality of the public's aesthetic, and at the same time, for the love of art of teenagers smoothly into the art colleges provide pre-test training guidance. The exhibition will last until December 10.
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