Sixty-year-old Shen can't make ends meet when picking up waste products, and wants to sell toys to tide over the difficulties.

by:Ennas      2021-12-10

In the past two days, the notice in the aisle of the rental house made Shen Yiyuan restless. The notice was posted by the landlord. Starting from this month, the rent for each house will increase by 50 yuan. In this way, his rent is 310 yuan a month. Seeing that the day to pay the rent is approaching, he only has 200 yuan in his hands.   64-year-old Shen Yiyuan has a disability in his left leg since he was a child. The morning and night market closed more than two months ago, and he made a living by picking up scraps. Four years ago, Old Shen came to Xinjiang from his hometown in rural Shaanxi to work in Xinjiang. He started to set up a stall two years ago. His wife died nine years ago, and his son has lost contact since leaving home to work at the age of 19. Currently, he is renting alone in a house less than ten square meters in Kangning Lane, Urumqi. On July 28, when the reporter came to Lao Shen’s rental house, he had just returned from picking up the waste. It was early for lunch. On an electric stove, a pot of noodles was steaming, and he picked it up and poured it. After a little bit of oil, I sprinkled a handful of salt and mixed it with a big bite. He said that he had not eaten meat once in more than two months.   There are empty plastic bottles piled up everywhere in the house, and he usually sells them every three days. He said that it was good at the beginning, and he was able to pick up a lot every day, but recently, too many people have picked up. 'I can't run fast, so I pick up less.' He beat his left leg with a frustrated expression. He said that rents and prices of goods are rising day by day, but the waste bottles do not rise. “It’s still 5 cents apiece.”    The house is messy, but two big bulging plastic bags are neatly stacked on a high place. He held it down carefully and opened the mouth of the bag, revealing the colorful little toys. 'This sword will shine, and this horse will walk with music...' Shen Yiyuan smiled. He said that the most expensive toys sell for 30 yuan, while the cheaper ones are only a few yuan.   The toy was brought in from Trade City more than two months ago. It was originally planned to be sold on the morning market, but now it can only be stacked at home. He has been hoping for a chance to sell it. At present, these toys are his most valuable things. 'The purchase price totals more than 300 yuan.' He said. A few days ago, Shen Yiyuan sneaked into a nearby community with toys on his back, put it in the small square for a while, and sold it for 50 yuan, which made him very excited, but when he went back the next day, the community was not allowed to set up stalls, and the security persuaded him Leaving, business had to stop. That day, when he returned to the rental house, he found that there were six missed calls on his mobile phone. Before he called back, he heard an eager voice from the other party: 'Old Shen, all three dirt houses in your family suddenly collapsed today. !' It turned out to be a call from a neighbor in my hometown. 'Originally, I planned to have the money to go home after these toys were sold. I will not set up a stall in the future. I will grow land in my hometown. Now I can't go back.' Shen tried to find a job. There was a street office who wanted to hire a cleaner, but he had been working for two hours. Others said that he was not needed at all, thinking that he was too old to work slowly, and his legs were inconvenient. He also had a job as a gatekeeper and was rejected. He said that he had written an application to the street office, hoping to solve the work problem, but so far there is no news. 'I also know that I am old and disabled, and it is difficult for others to arrange it. It makes them embarrassed.'    is surrounded by tenants, everyone is busy with each other and rarely cares about each other. A young man named Zhang who lives near Lao Shen said that although he often sees Lao Shen, he still doesn't know his name and hasn't said much. 'At this age, he should have been taken care of by his children or taken with his grandson, but he is still so hard and strong, which is quite admirable.'  Old Shen said that now he hopes that someone can buy the remaining toys and temporarily ease the difficulties in life. Or someone can provide him with a fixed booth to continue to set up his stall, so that his life will be settled. 'If I really can't set up a stall, I hope I can have a job watching the door.'
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