Six major types of toys need 3C certification for ex-factory sales and imports

by:Ennas      2021-12-14

Selling fake goods was found and should be severely punished. Nanning Administration for Industry and Commerce launched a special rectification action for children’s toys in the circulation field. It was found in the trading floor that there were 8 shops selling 'three noes' children's toy bosses, selling 'three noes' toys to children, you Is your face hot?  The editor presses    to buy goods without any care. Today, two pieces of news about counterfeit and shoddy goods came together accidentally, one about children's toys and the other about counterfeit toilet paper. The reporter has specially written some common sense on how to distinguish the 'three noes' toys and fake toilet paper, hoping that citizens can distinguish when buying goods; but we also hope that the relevant law enforcement agencies can purify the market and punish the producers of counterfeit and shoddy goods in accordance with the law. Seller. Guangxi News Net-Contemporary Life News (Reporter Meng Jinhuang/Picture) On October 28, the Nanning Administration for Industry and Commerce launched a special rectification action for children’s toys in the circulation field. During inspections on the second and third floors of the Nanning Exchange, one Lots of problem toys. The reporter followed the inspection and saw that the toys here were catapult, metal, plastic, electric, plush, etc. Industry and commerce law enforcement officers inspected 48 shops and found that 8 shops were mixed with 'three noes' children's toys for sale.   In a baby stroller sales shop on the third floor of the trading floor, law enforcement officers found two baby strollers in the style of a small car without relevant product marks. 'These two toy cars sell for 160 yuan each. Both of them are sample cars, and the labels and instructions are missing.' Faced with the inspection by law enforcement, the shop owner quickly explained. The reporter saw that the toy car, which was as big as a bumper car, had not seen the relevant warning signs, and the boss could not produce the certificate and manual for a while.   In a toy shop on the second floor of the trading floor, a skateboard baby stroller is priced at 50 yuan per unit. The outer packaging also does not show the name of the factory, the contact number, and the corresponding age and safety warnings. Toys in a shop opposite, there are actually 'children's coins' for sale. The toy building blocks sold in a shop next door are also colorful and weird in shape, but the outer packaging is all in English. What is this product? What kind of child is suitable? What are the precautions? People look at it and don't know anything.   All the problematic children's toys found in the inspection were temporarily detained by the law enforcement officers of industry and commerce. Friendly reminder that the six categories of children’s toys must have the '3C' mark. In order to prevent toys from becoming dangerous goods, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration have issued an announcement that starting from June 1, 2007, the six categories of toy products Implement compulsory product certification, namely 3C certification. The above-mentioned toys that have not obtained the compulsory product certification certificate and have not pasted the 3C mark shall not be manufactured, sold, imported or used in other business activities.   The six major types of toys are: baby carriages, electric toys, plastic toys, metal toys, projectile toys, and doll toys.  News link  Select toys  To understand this knowledge!   1. Don't buy toys with pungent smell. Such toys are usually relatively cheap and inferior toys, most of which have not been tested. There may be serious excessive levels of formaldehyde, lead, mercury, etc., so be sure to buy them carefully.   2. Buy toys with small parts carefully. Do not buy toys with small parts for young children, because it may cause the children to swallow them by accident.   3. Don't buy unknown stuffed toys. Many plush toys are filled with 'garbage cotton   Fourth, do not buy ejection toys for young children. This type of toy is a juvenile toy, which is extremely dangerous for younger children with a lower level of awareness. If marbles are accidentally inhaled into the trachea, they can cause suffocation.
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