Six dangerous factors should be avoided when choosing toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-14

The colorful 'water babies' can not only grow bigger but also give birth to small 'beads' after being soaked in water. Such a magical and fun toy naturally attracts many children. But such a fun thing may hide 'murder'.   According to media reports recently, a three-year-old boy in Huaian, Jiangsu Province suffered a perforation of his intestines after he accidentally swallowed his baby. In desperation, the doctor had to remove the intestines at the perforated site. The boy had not eaten for six days before going to the doctor, and if he went to the doctor later, he would develop symptoms such as shock and poisoning, even life-threatening.   Unidentified lumps in the intestines It was actually two 'water babies'   when the boy's grandmother held him to see a doctor, he vomited and had diarrhea. He had not eaten for six days, so he relied on suspending injections to supplement his nutrition. After the doctor's examination, the child has a lumps in the intestines and the intestines have been perforated. This is because the material in the lumps has blocked the intestines, and the undigested food in the intestines cannot go down, cutting the intestines and leading to intestinal perforations. But what exactly is such a large lump? After removing the intestine at the perforation site, the doctor was surprised to find that the 'culprit' was actually two 'water baby' toys about 5 cm in diameter!   'Water Baby' is very small before soaking in water, with a diameter of only 1-2 mm, but after absorbing water, the volume will continue to expand and become larger, and the diameter can reach about 5 cm. When the child accidentally eats, the water baby swells with water in the esophagus, causing the intestinal tract to be blocked, and the consequences are disastrous. Therefore, parents should be more vigilant when taking care of their children and try to avoid letting children come into contact with such dangerous toys.  Parents choose toys to avoid these risk factors  Toys are children’s close playmates and play an educational role. However, accidents such as eating, falling, and cuts caused by playing with toys are not unique. Parents should be very careful when choosing toys for their children to avoid these six risk factors.   1. 'Small' toys. Many children like to play with small toys such as building blocks, pinballs, toy bullets, BB bullets, etc. However, these types of toys are easily eaten by children, stuffed into ears, nostrils, etc., and become foreign bodies in the trachea. Therefore, when purchasing, parents should pay attention that the volume must be larger than the diameter of the child’s mouth to avoid allowing the child to easily touch toys that are too small.   2. Toys with sharp edges and corners. Toys with hard materials, uneven surfaces, or sharp edges and corners, such as toys with metal as the main material, may bruise or cut children. Parents should not buy metal toys for children under 5 years old. Once the toy is found to be damaged, it should be repaired or eliminated immediately.   3. Plush toys. The biggest safety hazard of plush toys is that the quality of the stuffing is substandard. If a child sleeps with a plush toy, or bites and plays with it, it may cause respiratory infection, cough, bronchospasm and even asthma. Therefore, parents should choose carefully when buying, and clean and disinfect them regularly after purchase.   4. Toys with rope and string. Such toys include rope ornaments, yo-yos and so on. Children like to pull or flick the rope to play, which can easily cause the rope to be entangled around the child's fingers or neck. Over time, it may cause ischemic necrosis of the fingertips, or suffocation. Therefore, when parents choose to buy toys with rope, the length of the rope should not exceed the circumference of the baby's neck, and it is best not to let the young baby come into contact with such toys.   5. Sounding musical toys. Concerts with too high decibels damage children’s hearing. Generally, noise over 70 decibels can cause damage to the children’s office system; and the battery as an energy source is easily eaten by children. Therefore, when purchasing a sound-producing toy, consider the decibel size of the music, whether the toy battery is reliable, and whether the sound is restless, etc.   6. Inflatable toys. Such as balloons, especially hydrogen balloons. When the hydrogen balloon explodes, if it encounters a flame, it can cause violent combustion; secondly, once the balloon fragments enter the child's respiratory tract, it is difficult to take out and directly threaten life. Therefore, parents try not to let young children play with balloons. If the balloon is caught by the child, every piece of debris must be cleaned up in time to avoid being swallowed by the child and causing a catastrophe.
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