Silver believes that Barbie dolls will regain lost ground, but it is difficult to match the situation back then

by:Ennas      2021-12-10

The golden age of Barbie dolls once beloved by girls seems to have passed away, and its sales have been declining for two years. According to a Hong Kong 'Oriental Daily' report on July 28, the golden age of Barbie dolls, once loved by girls, seems to have passed away, and its sales have continued to decline for two years. Some analysts believe that with the change of the times, girls have begun to abandon Barbie dolls with only beauty and no story, and replaced by some animated heroine dolls with story backgrounds.   Manufacturer American toy company Mattel (Mattel), recently announced that the sales rate of Barbie dolls has plummeted by 15%. Toy industry expert Jim Silver pointed out that in contrast to Barbie dolls who only go out dating with boyfriends, other animations that also target girls will continue to appear new characters, and each character has its own story. Although Barbie has 150 professions, it is just a change of clothing, and there is no real story line. Parents even say that Barbie is 'shallow'.   Barbie is still the highest-selling doll in the United States, but its market share has dropped from 25% in 2010 to 19.4% last year. Silver believes that Barbie will regain lost ground, but it's hard to match the situation back then.
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