Significance in the history of the bronze figurines in _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: the history of the small cast copper sculpture art casting is after the Stone Age, an important part of the entire human civilization. As early as in about 5000 BC - - - - - - In 4000 in southern Iran casting, cast copper sculpture art history, is after the Stone Age, an important part of human civilization as a whole. As early as in about 5000 BC - - - - - - In 4000 in the south of Iran, Turkey and Mesopotamia in southeast area will produce the earliest bronze art casting. Bronze art casting start, the first is to make vessel, then the increase in grain or cause all kinds of animals, characters of decorative supplies, palace supplies, ritual vessels, Musical Instruments, etc. Appeared with the development of economy and culture religion, people created all kinds of copper small religious sculptures as gods, the Buddha, and so on. In economically developed in Europe, people made numerous statues, bronze statue of characters or the animal; In Asia, people made a large number of bronze statue of Buddha's figure and various structures. All of these, is the development of small copper sculpture. Go back, the appearance of bronze and stone and pottery. In the Stone Age, people used stones smashed, remove the spare parts and made all sorts of appliance such as axes, sautoir. When accidentally found a beautiful and high purity of copper ore, regard it as ordinary rocks to smash, so as to make tools. But this is not like ordinary stones ore broken or damaged, is dented gradually, this kind of the special properties of the metal - — Ductility - — Was found and used, to form the initial completely by tapping into the original red copper. The ore is high copper copper ore, the bronze, without practice, pure way of making stone tools used in the production of the bronze. Seems to be, to say the first knock on copper Wrought brass) , after casting copper.
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