Sichuan leshan unearthed in one thousand white porcelain will rewrite the history of Chinese ceramics? _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-26
Core tip: appropriate highway construction site dug dynasties porcelain, collectors, said it may rewrite 'peng county is the only white porcelain found in sichuan and used' said yesterday, leshan wutongqiao ceramic collectors should be dug dynasties of China highway construction site, collectors, said it may rewrite 'peng county is the only white porcelain site found in sichuan province' said yesterday, leshan wutongqiao district cao hong ceramics collectors into the newspaper news hotline, according to the appropriate highway construction site, dig out a lot of ancient China, many of the exquisite porcelain and white porcelain pieces of also attracted some collect lover to treasure. Leshan collection of people, said the discovery of these China, provides the yue kiln site of shanxi dam archaeological evidence, and may have changed the history of Chinese ceramics 'peng county ( Now pengzhou) The only white porcelain site 'is found in sichuan. Attract a lot of porcelain villagers 'treasure hunt' yesterday afternoon, reporters came to music appropriate highway construction road in the rain - — — Wutongqiao district west town built yi village, everywhere on the site some pieces of broken porcelain. Workers li mou, said here at the end of December and the beginning of this month is really dig a lot things of porcelain, intact porcelain has been near the villagers took it away. Reporter then visited several scrounge villagers 'baby'. Under construction yi village, the villagers' families in the embanked courtyard of the house of stacked nearly hundred pieces of broken porcelain. According to him, as a child he was listening to their elders said that here used to be a site. The appropriate highway construction, everybody wants to look at the underground 'baby'. As a result, on December 30, excavator was really dug up some porcelain. I heard site unearthed 'baby', hundreds of villagers came and treasure, 'everyone is home to pick up, good porcelain was almost bought by some ceramic enthusiasts. 'Fine white porcelain rewrite ceramic history? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter found the collector association member, leshan in sichuan province collector association director cao hong. Hear music appropriate highway construction site found after porcelain, he has more than 10 consecutive days door to door to villagers in home screen. He pointed to collect back pieces told reporters: 'can be seen from the cut surface of the debris, these China may belong to the song, yuan, Ming period, but the specific situation remains to be cultural relics experts identified. 'And more to his excitement, he unexpectedly found previously in xiba kiln ceramic products has never been found white porcelain series. 'You see, this craft flower porcelain glaze bright, glaze color is ivory, the bottle is full of blooming peony, more beautiful. 'Cao hong excitedly said,' I'm shocked to see white porcelain porcelain products, this is a important discovery in the history of ceramics. 'According to cao hong, in order to safe, January 19 in leshan collector association conference, he purposely please many ceramic enthusiasts field evaluation, texture and style of the fragments from everyone to agree, these fragments unearthed ceramic porcelain products and belong to the white porcelain series. According to cao hong, the xiba kiln is rich in black glaze, zijin glaze series ceramic products, never recorded yield white porcelain. And in the professional ceramic appreciation book, also called only peng county is currently the only white porcelain site found in sichuan. Reporter then found in July 1990, Shanghai popular science publishing house, author, Chinese ancient ceramics appreciation in one section clearly wrote: 'peng county burning white porcelain, is currently the only white porcelain found in sichuan province. 'In another book in November 1993, sichuan university press of the appraisal basis of Chinese ancient ceramics, chapter 6 also explicitly wrote:' peng county ancient kiln is sichuan has found only in the production of white porcelain. '52 He Deping ceramic collectors collection nearly thousand pieces of xiba kiln porcelain products. Yesterday, holding the texture and pattern is very fine white porcelain, he wowed. 'I collected more than a decade, is the first time saw white porcelain unearthed in west dam. 'According to him, from 1996 to 1999, he had four years in xiba kiln site collected casing, somebody went nearly thousand pieces of xiba kiln, but never know xiba kiln production also have white porcelain series products. Xiba kilns are looking forward to get effective protection in the 1990 s the journal leshan wutongqiao volunteers have such records: 'west town (soluble Old west town) Temple Tuo ancient site, is a relic from the five dynasties period. After about ten thousand square meters, a former foam in the creek, for slope, mountain, left from the xiba three kilometers. The site of pottery and porcelain is fired from the five dynasties period soil folk kiln. Pottery so far can be seen everywhere. 'Said He Deping, since there is no scientific archaeological excavations, he is not sure, but judging from the number of unearthed porcelain and ceramics, two song period should be xiba kiln of its own success. But somehow, le shanxi dam kiln site since found seems to has not been formally archaeological excavations. Until the early 1990 s because of the construction of rural road, west dam temple son Tuo large area ground, ancient kiln sites finally appeared, large and small kilns have been four or five kilometers, is the xiba ancient kiln sites, in some places the kiln slag deposits is five meters thick, of which there are thousands of all kinds of porcelain, the residual, ceramics and kiln furniture. He Deping said that this belongs to the cultural heritage of leshan, we hope that relevant departments to consider. Now xiba kiln unearthed the white porcelain with a history of thousands of years, the relevant departments will it be protected? We will continue to focus on. A link to the xiba kiln in about 20 kilometers away from leshan wutongqiao district west town. The town formerly known as the west town, because there are named dissolved jiang, since ancient times for the amphibious transportation position, is the important part of the ancient silk road station. Used in minjiang river tributaries foam springs on the right bank of the tiles mountain, kiln head, Xie Jiashan, jiashan, yuantong temple, about 5 kilometers, mainly concentrated in the village of temple Tuo.
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