Shushi Baby Discovery Series Diapers|How to pack your baby's discovery journey lightly? Then you may need it

by:Ennas      2022-02-03
In the Baoma circle, there are several questions that are often at the forefront of hot topics: What should I do if the baby is red ass again? The baby's red ass is repeated again and again, and it's red again. Is there a cure? The baby's little butt is red, and I feel worried when I look at it. Is there any good way to do it? The mothers really don’t understand. They obviously wash the little butt with warm water every time the baby defecates. The diapers are changed frequently, and the diaper cream is not applied less. Why can’t I get the two on the baby’s butt? Where's the piece of meat? The baby's skin is thin and delicate, and the resistance is weak, and the little butt is easy to suffer. The baby's most personal equipment every day is the diaper, which can not be separated from the baby for sleeping, playing, and exploring. However, many mothers have encountered the phenomenon of red ass when they use diapers for their babies. Red ass is really annoying. Is there any way to prevent this problem of parenting that has plagued thousands of mothers? In fact, the method is not difficult. It is necessary to know that soaking and friction are most of the causes of red butts. This not only requires Bao’s mother to do a good job in daily care of little butts, and follow the nursing principles of cleaning, drying and avoiding friction; The water absorbing performance of the diapers should be strong enough to keep the baby's butt dry at all times and avoid the tide and stickiness. Want to care for your baby's delicate skin? Want your baby to stay away from red ass? It's important to have a thin and absorbable diaper! The new upgrade of Shushi Baby Discovery series diaper core body-double spunlace core body, the inner layer is made of spunlace cloth, and the lower layer is also made of spunlace cloth, which can make the overall thickness thinner and feel softer, which not only ensures the softness and softness of the diaper. Dry, transparent and other characteristics, but also achieved light and thin and not easy to deform. Lightweight and comfortable Explore diapers adhere to the principle of lightness and thinness. The thickness is only 2mm, which is just right. The surface and bottom layers are made of soft, hot-air non-woven fabrics, which are light and breathable while soft and comfortable to the touch. Baby wear is more comfortable and lighter. The diapers are just right, so babies can not only freely and comfortably carry out activities to explore the world, but no longer play with thick diapers; little butts can breathe freely, which helps to reduce the probability of red butts. The baby's comfortable exploration journey starts from the core and packs lightly! Be thin and able to suck. To be truly light and thin, comfortable and without restraint, the baby can enjoy the fun without burden. Thinness alone is not enough. Whether the diaper can suck is the key! The double spunlace core of the diaper adopts a full-core structure. The gold ratio is formed by Sumitomo SAP, a strong water-locking catalyst, and SAP, a catalyst with good flowability. The core layer is densely covered with small SAP particles, which can lock urine instantly and evenly. Absorbing continuously can't afford to layer. Coupled with the surface diversion design, it is dry and breathable, and it will not increase the weight-bearing feeling when wearing it, and the baby will have more fun in the exploration! We conducted a small experiment on the exploration diaper to test its reverse osmosis. Prepare two cups of 80ml saline, one pair of exploration diapers, and start the test: first pour a cup of saline into the diaper, let it rest for 5 minutes, then pour the second cup, and let it stand again for 5 minutes. After that, press the filter paper on the diaper that has absorbed 160ml of water. The filter paper has no traces of wetting. It can be found that the surface of the explorer diaper is dry, non-reverse osmosis, and the quality of water absorption and water retention is high! As babies slowly see, hear, crawl, walk and run, they will be full of interest and curiosity in the world around them and embark on a wonderful journey of exploring the world. Baby’s comfortable journey of exploration, not only has to go lightly, can’t move forward with heavy loads, and can’t be disturbed by red ass! This thin and absorbable diaper, your baby deserves it!
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