Shoushan stone exhibit album will appear ( Figure)

by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core tip: organic exhibition for the figure after 2 days, antique lovers long-awaited fourth changchun stone antique art trade fair will be held, it is understood that the visitor will see we show for the figure at the conference in 2 days, antique lovers long-awaited fourth changchun stone antique art trade fair will be held, we have learned, visitors will see in the fair value of millions of shoushan stone exhibition album. One of the legendary is known as the 'stone' of the hand that mends and 'eggs' phoenix, treasure shoushan stone precious exhibits. Silver wrapped jintian Yellowstone shelled eggs according to introducing, in these shoushan stone exhibits, the highest value is silver wrapped jintian Yellowstone and yellow golden field-yellow stone, worth 160000 yuan and 150000 yuan respectively. Silver wrapped jintian Yellowstone to the shell of fresh eggs, shiny bright. Yellow golden field-yellow stone, pure such as the yellow teeth, though the texture is very pure, is a prestigious rarities. It is understood that field-yellow stone resource is very scarce, has a great collection value and appreciation potential. 13 jade figurines factory group exhibition China liaoning xiuyan jade, it will be composed of 13 jade figurine manufacturer powerful delegations arriving with a large number of fine jade works, most of the exhibits are the first time the carver is exquisite, material quality of precious artistic treasures, has a very high artistic value and collection value. According to introducing, jade is one of the four most famous jade in China's history, China's earliest jade products and the world's largest jade products, from jade. Jade dense texture jade, color is given priority to with green, different shades, rich layers, red, yellow, green, blue, white and purple, of all kinds are colourful, composed of external waxy luster, glass and bright or oily luster, WenRunYing ze, careful is tenacious, 'the spirit of heaven and earth, ancient treasures'. Jade carving has a long history of engraving process fully inherited the tradition of jade culture in China over thousands of years, has reached a very high level. Carving masters of xiuyan jade long ponder, will be engraved look, full relief, relief and other techniques, the integrated use of work, years of grinding a jade, opener, if the moon and mountains, rivers, sex fairy mortal, houses, trees, flowers, and worms, fine all round, wonderful artical excelling nature, deserve to go up again poetry subject, has become a solid ink painting. Free complimentary tickets to continue this as the stone antique art trade fair co-sponsors, faces the society distinguished visiting tickets, daily 50, led a per person, with the voucher every 50 to visit before the public can have a chance to get exquisite gift a, there are antique lovers to this exhibition VIP visit tickets. Ticket at location: 2598 of the people's street, east Asia economic and trade news newspaper ( Province hotel backyard) 。 This newspaper hotline: 88488911. The invoice time: daily - 9 16 ( VIP visit ticket quantity is limited, first come, first, sending stocks last) 。
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