Shoushan stone boutique at the imperial palace, Figure) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-21
Core tip: shoushan stone exhibits 'who may take the bait' with Beijing of today's 'China shoushan stone exhibited yesterday held in the hall of abstinence museum of Beijing the imperial palace, will last until April 10. 12 arts and crafts shoushan stone exhibits 'who may take the bait' with Beijing today's 'China shoushan stone exhibition of' the national Palace Museum in Beijing since yesterday held the hall of abstinence, to continue until April 10. A donation that the Palace Museum of arts and crafts master of 12 participating works. Exhibition exhibits shoushan stone more than 120 high-quality goods, including in the national Palace Museum collection of more than 10 pieces of shoushan stone, arts and crafts master of donated 12 pieces and China shoushan stone pavilion and other units of the transportation of shoushan stone products. Exhibition of shoushan stone stone types have lotus stone, stone, flag down each month, dahongpao rock, etc. The national Palace Museum director zheng xinmiao, said the donation for the national Palace Museum of the history of shou stone collection. Shoushan stone of fuzhou, a shou mountains. In 2006, shou stone by the State Council listed in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage protection list.
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