Should water toys play in the paddling area?

by:Ennas      2021-12-08

At 13:42 yesterday, Mr. Mao called: My grandson is off for summer vacation, and I gave him a half-year swimming card at a swimming pool in Hangzhou. My child has been swimming with me for a week, and my grandson’s classmates also went there. I also bought them an inflatable water polo and let them play games in the water. In the past two days, many little boys who didn't know came over to play together. Today there are 6 children, divided into two teams, let them pass the ball, they also invented water basketball by themselves. The children became friends when they played. However, there have been one-on-one swimming coaching lessons in the past two days. The swimming pool will not allow children to play water games in shallow waters, and the children’s balls will be confiscated. Is there a rule that swimming pools cannot be used for water games? 85100000 Hotline Xiao Xu: Mr. Mao is a native of Hangzhou, 65 years old, and his grandson is 9 years old. He usually goes to the morning games. My grandson is not very good at traveling yet, and Mr. Mao wants to teach him this summer. 'Every day he practiced, and he played water polo with his friends. I watched by the side. I let them play in the corners of the shallow water area, and try not to affect other swimmers and people who learn to swim.' Mr. Mao said . Consulted with a number of swimming pools in Hangzhou, each of which has different regulations. Swimming pools are generally divided into play area and swimming area, and the swimming area is divided into deep water area and shallow water area. Some swimming pools allow water toys to be brought into all areas of the pool, some explicitly prohibit toys from being brought into the deep water area, and some only allow toys to be brought into the playing area. What is more uniform is that the general staff will not forcefully confiscate swimmers' toys, but rather persuade them. However, if repeated persuasion is invalid, the play will seriously affect the safety of other swimmers, and a small number of swimming pools will temporarily store the toys and return them afterwards. A staff member of a swimming pool said that in the past, accidents were caused by water toys every year, and the incidents could be large or small. This kind of water polo is generally gentler to play. If you hit a swimmer, the consequences of choking may be serious. After all, it is a public place. For everyone's safety, it is recommended that swimmers who want to play should go to the watering area.
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