Should the value of the arts and crafts to the 'art' or to 'market'

by:Ennas      2021-10-12
Sales is active, consumption is passive, in all the market today, enterprises all advocate sales for the king, in the design guide, has had a problem with it, is the art and value orientation of the market, now in the market of traditional handicraft product is flourishing and simulation technology, constitutes the mainstream of arts and crafts market, says from the marketing, there are the demands of a value, so, the core of the arts and crafts, or that can drive the market consumption & other True value & throughout; What is it? Since the traditional life no longer exists, then the traditional process elements real sex becomes a requirement, because the traditional process itself has become a luxury, regardless of the purpose of consumption is a spiritual roots or decorative comparing, arts and crafts development cannot leave the material and spiritual life of ascension. Although said, there are many endangered folk arts and crafts, traditional craftsmanship. Inheritance, and even some have been dating, but we know that xi 'an cloth tiger, mud toys, guizhou batik in henan, shandong huai fang kite, hubei huangmei, gansu's edition, the east sachets of embroidery insoles, shandong, tianjin clay figurine is in wooden toys. This are traditional crafts, though they belong to the art, but in fact they have is one of the representative city landmarks and regional culture. In contrast, through modern technology design and production of products, how many can establish personal brand? Have use value, but lack of artistic content. Handicrafts, ornaments, mixed with the art market positioning, in from the integration of cultural elements and grasp, to the modern aesthetic design packaging, from the introduction of new cultural concept, to the modern marketing methods and even the intervention of modern new capital, now have handicrafts enterprises can highlight technology products in contemporary strategic direction in the future.
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