Shops along the streets in the downtown area are expensive to rent, and there are few toy shops

by:Ennas      2021-12-06

With the increase in rents and the acceleration of the replacement of toys, it has become more and more difficult to run a toy store along the street in the downtown area. Our reporter visited more than ten streets in the city for two consecutive days and found only one toy store.  The toy shops opened in the Sunshine City Market and Shijiu Market have not low rents, and the fierce competition pressure has made many shopkeepers frankly not easy to operate. Some owners began to open online shops to attract online shoppers and expand their sales channels.   Mr. Wang, who lives in a community in Shijiu, took his 5-year-old son to his grandmother’s house recently. On the way, the child suddenly called for toys, but he walked several streets and didn’t find a toy store. 'I remember a few years ago, there were quite a few franchised toy stores and jewelry stores, but now they are all gone.' Mr. Wang said helplessly. From the 5th to the 6th, the reporter visited more than ten streets in the city looking for toy stores. Only an old toy store that had been in business for more than ten years was found near the Haina Mall. No store specializing in toys was found on other streets. . According to the owner of the toy store, because the store is owned by his own house and there is no rent, the store has only been in operation until now. 'Originally, the profitability of opening a toy store was okay. Now the profit of toys is low, and the rent along the street is too high. The toy store simply cannot survive. Who would rent a store along the street to sell toys?' The owner of the store introduced that now most of the toy stores are concentrated in wholesale In the market, because the rent there is lower than the shops along the street, the passenger flow is also large.   Then the reporter came to the Sun City Market on Zhengyang Road. As soon as he entered from the west gate, the reporter saw 4 toy stores. Ms. Yang, the owner of Chengxin Toys Store, told reporters that she has opened a toy store in Sun City Market for 16 years and is the first toy store in the entire market. She introduced that at the beginning, she rented a small shop and bought some small things she had brought in from Linyi. 'Although there are only a few people who buy toys, I was the only toy store on the market, and the sales were still good.' Yang Said the lady.   However, many toy operators frankly said that due to the improvement of living standards, the number and frequency of children buying toys has indeed increased greatly. However, due to the large number of toy stores and fierce competition, business is not easy to do. The reporter counted. There are now more than a dozen toy stores in the Sun City Market. 'There are more toys sold and the passenger flow is limited, and the competition becomes more intense.' Ms. Yang said.   The owner of the puzzle flash toy store in the Sun City Market introduced that not only the passenger flow has been diverted, but the rent has also increased year by year. As the cost increases, the profit margin is getting smaller and smaller. He introduced that when the shop was first opened, the rent was less than 10,000 yuan a year, but now the shop rents 30,000 yuan a year, and there are two warehouses that rent 10,000 yuan a year. Without labor costs, freight, etc., it costs 4 yuan a year. The cost of ten thousand yuan. 'Now the average profit of toys is about 10%, and you have to earn more than 100 yuan a day to protect your capital.' Mr. Lu said that on weekdays, the passenger flow is small, and it is basically a loss. He also earns more on weekends or holidays. Some stores It had to be closed and transferred because it could not continue to operate.   The owner of a toy store in Shijiu Market said that many parents now pay much attention to the quality of toys. He is not allowed to buy some good-quality branded toys, but because they can't sell at high prices, the profit margin is not larger than that of toys with a lower quality.
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