Shijiazhuang 3-year-old boy was scratched on his wrist while playing patted circle

by:Ennas      2021-11-23

▲The picture shows the toy pat circle. The picture shows the sharp steel ruler inside the ring after unpacking the cloth. The picture was provided by the child’s parent, which was originally a Christmas gift happily bought for the child, but unexpectedly playing with it, the child’s wrist was cut with a big cut, and the child was taken to the hospital and stitched. The reporter's investigation found that this kind of toy called Paipaiquan is actually made of a sharp steel ruler. A little carelessness will cause the child to be injured. Such a toy is really worrying. On December 22, the parents of a kindergarten in the provincial capital organized a Christmas party for their children. 19 children came to a children’s playground to play, have a meal, and happily received a gift—PaiPaiYuan. The so-called pat ring is a kind of toy wristband that is popular nowadays. It has elasticity and is wrapped in a layer of cloth. It can be automatically put on children's hands with a single tap. But just as the children were having fun, there was a burst of crying on the scene. The parents followed their reputations and found that the 3-year-old boy, Xiaoyu (pseudonym) was crying while clutching his bloody wrist. It turned out that he was scratched by the pat circle on his wrist while playing. Mother Ms. Zhang hurried to the hospital with the child. After examination, the wound was moderately contaminated, and it was treated with a few stitches after tetanus. 'The child is still young, if it hits the artery, the consequences will be unimaginable!' Recalling the scene at the time, Ms. Zhang said with lingering fear. Yesterday, the reporter saw the 'causing' pat circle. After uncovering the cloth strip wrapped outside, this seemingly cute toy turned out to be a sharp-edged steel ruler with clear scales on it. . This kind of toy is actually made by cutting it with a steel ruler and then simply wrapping it with a cloth strip. There is no manufacturer and relevant information on it. The reporter tried it and found that because the steel ruler is sharp, the cloth outside will be cut apart after playing it for a while, so that it will directly touch the wrist. If it is careless, it will easily scratch the wrist. It is understood that these pat circles were bought online by another parent, Ms. Wang. Yesterday, the reporter also visited the market and found that there are many merchants selling this kind of toys, and all of them are made of steel rulers without exception. Many merchants and parents said they did not know the risks. 'The children who play this thing are very dangerous!' Ms. Wang hopes to remind other parents to draw attention through this newspaper.
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