Shenzhen Parent-Child Experience Exhibition, to create a new mode of experience interaction

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

The only mainstream maternity, infant and child exhibition in Shenzhen-2015 Shenzhen Parent-Child Experience Exhibition and 2015 Shenzhen International Maternity, Infant and Child Industry Exhibition kicked off at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 15th to 18th, 2015. As the annual feast of the pregnancy, infant and child industry, SZMBC2015 once again brought together well-known companies in the pregnancy and infant industry through special exhibition areas such as the Children’s Career Experience Hall, Parent-Child Micro Classroom, Amusement Experience Hall, and the Million Baby Program, as well as the Shenzhen International Symposium on the Infant and Childhood Industry. , Preschool education business operation management seminars and other summit forums to help industry professionals understand market needs, gain insight into the future trends of the industry, promote in-depth trade cooperation, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of pregnancy, infant and child production. Create a parent-child experience exhibition area. The perfect combination of B2B and B2C is the Shenzhen parent-child experience exhibition. The organizing committee will take experience as the core and hold various parent-child experience activities at the same time to provide consumers with a novel, fun, experience, and interactive one-stop mother The Baby Play Party, through holding mini-community experience halls, parent-child micro-classes, amusement experience halls, fun competitions, million baby projects and other loving parent-child interaction activities, so that mom and dad and children can feel new in the activities Of experiential consumption. At the same time, it can also enable brand companies to deeply understand consumer needs and product experience suggestions, and promote companies to provide consumers with better products and services. Among them, the fun competition is to organize suitable fun competitions for babies of all ages and their families, such as baby crawling, slam dunk, graffiti, racing competitions, children's clothing parent-child show competitions, diaper changing (pants) competitions, baby racing competitions, Jigsaw puzzle game, let the babies grow up happily in the game. Holding a fashion children's wear show to lead the most fashionable trend. In this exhibition, the fashion children's wear show will enjoy an exclusive space to showcase many well-known brands from 0-12 years old from all over the country competing on the same stage, interpreting the fashion trends of fashion children's wear. At the same time, the fashion children's clothing show held a series of exciting activities such as brand animation show, children's animation cosplay competition, and 'Golden Baby Award' awards ceremony. The 'Golden Baby Award' award ceremony will set up various outstanding brand awards. At that time, well-known experts, scholars, and media reporters will be invited to review, and refer to the results of online voting for selection, shaping well-known selection activities and selections in the field of pregnancy, infants and children brand. This gorgeous fashion children's wear show is expected to present the trend of fashion children's wear to agents, investors, shopping malls, and fashion buyers from all over the world, and further promote the development of China's fashion children's wear industry. As the only parent-child experience exhibition in Shenzhen, SZMBC2015 has been committed to integrating multiple resources, creating interactive experience marketing, and creating a perfect combination of B2B and B2C for the first brand exhibition in South China. At present, the recruitment of exhibitors for SZMBC2015 has been fully launched, and the organizing committee sincerely invites industry colleagues to gather in Shenzhen in 2015. Registration method Contact person: Huang Xiaoling Tel: 15626207760 Website:
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