Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau conducts spot checks on 96 batches of products from 40 companies

by:Ennas      2021-12-07

In the first quarter of 2014, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration organized a random inspection of toy products sold in Shenzhen. A total of 96 batches of products produced and sold by 40 companies were spot-checked, and 18 batches of unqualified samples were found. This spot check is based on CCGF205.1-2010 'Implementation Specification for Toy Product Quality Supervision and Spot CheckRecord the current effective corporate standards and product quality indicators and requirements, and carry out mandatory items related to human health, personal and property safety, such as mechanical and physical properties, combustion performance, migration of specific elements, toy markings and instructions for use of samples. The inspection.   A total of 17 batches of unqualified physical quality were inspected during this supervision and a total of 2 batches of unqualified quality were identified. The unqualified items of physical quality mainly include “tips”, “round holes in rigid materials”, “plastic bags or plastic films used in packaging or toys”, “small parts”, “shapes, sizes, and Intensity   The spot check results show that the unqualified products detected this time have nominal trademarks related to Lezile, Toy Castle, Lux Toys, Zhuozhan Toys, Golden Seagull, Meizhi, Bacai, etc. Shenzhen Meilin Tianhong Industrial Co., Ltd., China Resources Vanguard Co., Ltd. Songgang Oriental Store, Aeon South China Commercial Co., Ltd. Aeon Shopping Park Store, Shenzhen Carrefour Commercial Co., Ltd. Poly store, Shenzhen Nantian Daxin Department Store Co., Ltd., Xinyijia Supermarket Co., Ltd. Well-known shopping malls such as the company's Bihailantian shopping mall have been found to sell unqualified toys.   In response to the quality problems found in the spot check, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration stated that it has dealt with substandard products and their production and sales enterprises in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
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