Shenzhen Customs seized 5000 exported plastic toys involving infringement Hasbro!

by:Ennas      2022-02-03
Recently, Shekou Customs, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Customs, notified the public that, after confirmation by the relevant trademark holders, that the 5,000 exported plastic toys seized by the customs in export shipping channels were involved in infringement. At present, this batch of goods has been handed over to the customs disposal department for processing. A company in Guangzhou declared a batch of plastic toys to Shekou Customs by way of general trade. The Shekou Customs officers found that the batch of goods was declared without a license, but in fact 5000 toys were clearly marked with Hasbro. Bao) trademark, the goods are packaged beautifully, and the logo is intact. Later, the relevant trademark owner confirmed that the goods were suspected of infringement.
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