Shape - — New representational figurines thematic exhibition

by:Ennas      2020-05-28
Core tip: the most the most let a person feel dizzy dizzy Chen Ke exhibition hall, is Chen Ke figurines. Can see that they are all at a glance is derived from the classical art of classic figurines, but after the most let a person the most let a person feel dizzy dizzy Chen Ke exhibition hall, is Chen Ke figurines. Let you look at the sales, but also could not help but want to go to pull it up. This kind of 'vertigo', from electronic media for simple picture of our everyday experience of the world, and also from the discomfort of classic visual memory been tampered with. No problem, the digital age figurines, discussed is the digital era of visual culture. The 'pearl river delta' Yang guang said so, because Yang guang's works were composed of electronic waste, dongguan, shenzhen, behind the economic boom is the deformation of electronic products processing industry developed, in a sense, the waste circuit board is not only the waste of civilization, is also the expression of the culture. Use of PCBS figurines, itself has a kind of criticism and reflection. These work gives people an opportunity to think, about the impact on human life science and technology, and also about the contemporary ecological environment problems. The 'genuine' Sara tse 'is now finished device? '' display window is old clothes? 'At first glance the Hong Kong female artist's work, many people will think so. Until after the hand touch will shout, the original is ceramic. Sara tse call his creation 'ceramic record', choose those full of herself and her mother recall of objects, and then put the thin biscuit firing porcelain clay attached to the object, the original clothing and knitwear fiber disappeared after burning, left is the porcelain looks no difference with the original. This is a tool for her memory. The 'cold' Steven tso that David's head, that's right. Like lego blocks, but it can be disassembled into many small pieces. Each block from the outside, fine accurate, but from the inside to see, is a human skull tissue slices - As the hospital anatomy class USES the brain tissue of model. Very accurate, very cool, very cruel, also very naive. Service extension: October 25 ~ 29 December pavilion: dongguan 21 space gallery this in the name of 'shape' representational statuettes show invited from Beijing, chongqing, guangzhou, shenzhen, Hong Kong and other regions of the 17 artists to attend. Curator hu bin told us that the exhibition vision back figurines shape significance level, 'shape' emphasizes the first for a kind of representational form master - Representational, of course, is not equal to realistic, because the visual environment and the change of social cognition, now of the representational figurines in motif, space, perspective, texture, topography, etc have been deduced and the utterly different, extremely diverse forms. They will bring to the viewer new and profound visual and psychological experience, and tries to present the representational figurines in the present China's new picture. To write information times reporter Feng Yu
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