'Shantou Chenghai International Toy Trade and Logistics City' was listed as a key training object of Guangdong Toys and Gifts International Purchasing Center

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

Zhongxin Chaoshan, March 3, According to Shantou Daily, Guangdong Economic and Information Technology Commission recently announced the second batch of Guangdong Commodity International Purchasing Centers and the list of key training targets, 'Shantou Chenghai International Toys Trade Logistics 'City' is listed as the key cultivation target of Guangdong Toys and Gifts International Purchasing Center.   It is understood that the construction of the Guangdong Commodity International Purchasing Center is an important way to strengthen the control of Guangdong's international commodity market. It is conducive to the extension of the province's industry to the two ends of the 'smiling curve' and the realization of a leap from Guangdong manufacturing to Guangdong. The toy industry is the pillar industry in Chenghai District, but because it is mainly concentrated in the processing and manufacturing links, which is the bottom of the smile curve, the high value-added links are lost in other places. The establishment of an international purchasing center for toys and gifts in Chenghai will help attract high value-added links to stay in Chenghai and increase local taxation and employment.  Shantou Chenghai International Toy Trade Logistics City was built by Guangdong Baoao Modern Logistics Investment Co., Ltd., referred to as 'Baoao City'. It is reported that Baoao City, a key construction project in Guangdong Province, has been progressing smoothly since the start of construction in 2012. As of the end of January this year, the project has completed a cumulative investment of nearly 400 million yuan. The first phase of the International Toy City and the headquarters building project is expected to be fully completed in June 2015.
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