Shantou Achieves 'Zero Waiting' Straight-through Release of Enterprise Export Goods

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

The Shantou Information Times reporter learned from the Shantou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that, in order to achieve differentiated management of enterprises in the demonstration zone, from January 2015, the Shantou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has piloted 'report and release' among the first batch of enterprises entering the zone. The new model of customs clearance, realizing the 'zero waiting' straight-through release of export goods of enterprises. It is understood that under the new 'report and release' customs clearance model, Shantou Inspection and Quarantine Agency compares the enterprise declaration data with the conformity assessment supervision instruction on the business system based on risk analysis and assessment. The qualified goods do not need to be inspected and directly Visa release. That is to say, for the goods that have not been selected by the system for on-site inspection, after the enterprise sends the electronic data for inspection, the customs clearance information can be received within a few minutes, and the enterprise can complete the customs clearance of the goods without leaving the house. At the same time, the Shantou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau adjusted and reduced the frequency of random inspections under this model, from the original quarterly sampling to once every six months, and set up a special window for customs clearance of enterprises in the demonstration zone to give priority to business handling quickly. Up to now, the two pilot companies in the jurisdiction have 369 inspection approvals and USD 15.82 million export toys that have implemented the 'report and release' customs clearance model.
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