ShangXiaoFeng teaching reminds me of the clay sculpture of _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-07
Core tip: ShangXiaoFeng is small sculpture class of 80 students, 1985 graduate, transferred to the department in 1987 to teach, to Australia in 1989, thoroughly remould oneself there, to accept the orthodox abstract expressionism small sculpture ShangXiaoFeng is small sculpture class of 80 students, 1985 graduate, transferred to the department in 1987 to teach, to Australia in 1989, thoroughly remould oneself there, to accept the orthodox abstract expressionism small sculpture training. In 2004, he again standing in the central academy of fine small sculpture on the podium, because he has an idea, he wants to put it into reality. ShangXiaoFeng feels, in his own experience in a variety of materials directly in the space of freedom to modelling, with small abstract sculpture such experience, to face the realistic sculpture, obtained a kind of brand-new feeling: as the use of timber, metal construction volume in space, the mud as material, the feeling of the maximum its mud, to build and shape the 'shape' 'body'. In a word, emphasis on the sensibility is the first volume. This is: in the clay sculpture sketch, put aside for observing and imitating the details of the object, fur constrained, see space point-blank, see the volume, and according to their own can see space volume to begin shaping volume, and then along the volume has presented the look as natural objects ( The human body or model) 。 In specific teaching in an iterative process that mean: allow and encourage students to have personality, deviation, according to the object distance, complete their clay modelling - — Painting process. Stubborn ShangXiaoFeng in 04 years in the second half of the semester, small sculpture workshop in the clay sculpture of course, to put his ideas to practice a lot of trouble. Today, in front of us is this lesson 10 weeks of fruit. If considering the teaching objects, three workshop, the quality of students; Considering the length of the course, only 10 weeks; This section of the course the fruits of substantial is moving. Contains ShangXiaoFeng how many of these efforts, also contains the classmates how much effort, we've been even a lifetime in the teaching of the teachers can be realized. Into the new school, establish the teaching material since the second system, small department of sculpture clay sculpture sketch teaching compared with the teaching material, the enthusiasm of students put into and the result of the course, there is apparently a big gap, and considering the clay sculpture sketch course is our most advantage, accumulated the most experience system, how the material class is indecisive and faculty experience poverty, by contrast, can clearly see that clay sculpture sketch class boring, a words: 'grinding'. I believe that the ability of faculty, also believe that the faculty division way of doing good and miss the quality of the students is more outstanding, therefore, in the face of materials in contrast with realistic lesson, openings, sincerely believe 'realism' is really difficult to teach it is difficult to learn. But ShangXiaoFeng class gave me to other views, realistic lessons can also not so 'grinding', but should ask yourself why. Assignments of the class on display here, probably can be divided into three parts: the first part is close to the sketch of the object, the second part is relatively free, the third part is the more freedom to object, Or model) It's just a reference. The students their own space, look at the volume, and the further observation based on the method of the material at the same time also occupies a space, step by step to highlight out. I don't think that the result of the third step is the only, on the contrary, we have unlimited choice between one to three. The most important, we can see the passion see excitement, see certain and resolute. But can't see the 'ground'. ShangXiaoFeng inputs and eager is moving, even though he is only a small sculpture of a guest instructor, he think the problem is we have so many faculty members should be thinking, he is we should also pay the effort. Attached is ShangXiaoFeng beside 03 an article about the teaching of clay sculpture, at that time he almost want to seize the department each faculty about the sketch teaching. Outside a ShangXiaoFeng seems to be an ancient double gun will. No, also not quite sure. He is holding a knife, one hand hold sword ( Knife is realistic, sword is abstract) 。 Now he is going to create a routine, don't understand with the knife sword, sword is not understand dao, knife and sword dance together. This clay sculpture sketch lesson, just as they teach the students with the art of using saber sword. Another month, he will give the students material classes. At that time, we see he teaches students with jianfa to knives. On March 12, 2005
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