Shanghai QingGe contemporary celebrities painting art onslaught

by:Ennas      2021-09-29
Core tip: 'wealth and good luck' to film for ni ping, width is 66 cm, in both the peony in full bloom, also needs to be put buds, leaves, stretching the nature, color composition level and bright, the tree two to film the wealth and good fortune for the ni ping, width is 66 cm, in both the peony in full bloom, also needs to be put buds, leaves, stretching the nature, color composition level and bright, the tree two magpie is calm to have a rest, the flexibility to the level of the art of painting, light, color and texture, the details of the performance in peony and the painting of the whole. OuYangXiuZan peony yue: 'the world really spend alone peony', peony is a symbol of wealth and honour; Huang tingjian poems said: 'the name list has been into the dragon, letters xinchuan magpie', the magpies since ancient times is to bring happy and auspicious animals, therefore this film work as withdrawals names, wealth and good luck. Famous writers and artists Xu Duo after contact with the ni ping painting has deep feeling: 'ni ping too good at drawing, and even the contemporary painter than her good didn't also a few! She grasped the spirit of the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting is very good! Calligraphy and painting works very deep! 'This painting no matter from collection on the moral subject, or the level of the painting, the depth of the artistic conception, is the good choice of the collection of painting and calligraphy lovers. Actor, host NiPingAi painting traditional Chinese painting, birds theme for more flowers fruits and vegetables, chicken, etc. , in March 2011, ni ping a painting called 'rhyme', 1. 18 million yuan, for she is still held in painting in recent years, so the great appreciation of space. Contemporary painting overall high degree of recognition, clinch a deal, good; Compared with the ancient painting and calligraphy is beset with less resources, collection difficult, the price is high, turnover reduced accordingly. In the art market, however, after two years, in the depth of the adjustment of contemporary painting and calligraphy section is doing the opposite, render round up step by step. In star and zhu jun, zhang tielin, zhao zhongxiang, ni ping, etc into the painting industry, but very high ni ping painting and calligraphy attainments, even part of contemporary artists also cannot match, together with its influence in the social public, to collect and investment offered a lot of confidence, is today's calligraphy and painting collection. Taxus chinensis root carving 'blessing' birthday girl stands resemble; The root of taxus chinensis root stands resemble, connect body to about 140 cm high, the widest part at the bottom of the 120 cm, now wenzhou Chen holding, more than six generations of family, until one thousand. Collection from reddish brown to film at the bottom of the head to the gradient, has strong administrative levels. Longevity long forehead to wear my hat, forehead eyebrows locked, eye color and there is no lack of again god. High cheekbones, sunken bridge of the nose, lips slightly open, bearded hang chest, look kindly at ease, left hand holding the book, right hand holding the peach policy staff, peach policy staff tied to hoist the Aquarius, meaning 'blessing'. Expressed in uneven natural grain flowing robe unlined upper garment, with root bifurcation, limbs, stamped on the benevolent as mounts, meaning auspicious. Overall modelling nature, clever use of old QiuQu root of natural modelling, carvers, due to the unique, taxus chinensis is known as the 'plant' giant pandas. The works of intercepting the roots of taxus chinensis to engraving, its material is a rare, coupled with meticulous carving technique, carvers natural shape, because of the 'fu' 'lu' 'longevity' the meaning of 'ji', throughout the entire root carving market is quite rare. This piece of taxus chinensis root carving 'blessing' birthday girl stands resemble is investment buyers, root collectors, the collection of choice. Shanghai close QingGe market professionals said: root carving art has a long history in our country, it comes from nature and higher nature, some ancient roots in the sculptor's hands changed decayed for magical, has a strong shock. At first glance root carving works a lot on the market, but do not look at each in the same way. Root carving works actually each orphan works, means that are out of print art in the future. Many savvy collectors that take a fancy to this point, just want to buy high-end root carving art collection, waiting to appreciate. It also implies root carving art investment collection value been recognized by more and more people. Shanghai contemporary art of close QingGe said: in recent years, our country antique market root collection growing, clinch a deal the price rising steadily. The items from the aspects of artistic conception, technology, value, material and so on, have great potential for collection.
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