Shanghai jade carving festival opening: 'the gentleman jade man' won the highest award _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-20
Core tip: 'jade is better than gold or silver. China since ancient times to the beauty of jade, yu gentleman love jade of the one thousand, the nowadays jade collection has become the biggest collection outside the Chinese calligraphy and painting, porcelain collection 'jade is better than gold or silver. In China since ancient times to the beauty of jade, yu gentleman love jade of the one thousand, the nowadays jade collection has become the biggest collection outside the Chinese calligraphy and painting, porcelain collection types. In the calligraphy and painting market downturn, under the direction of high volatility in the stock and property markets, in order to active jade market, actively expand vast customers, 'Shanghai jade tour in one hundred. Master exhibition and 2008 middle jade culture festival 'on December 30, 2008 officially kicked off in middle antique city. This is the Shanghai jade culture of Shanghai association of large-scale activities, a 10-day exhibition, continued until the end of January 10, 2009. The exhibition show sea jade altar flowers, genre of the pomp and means all rivers run into sea. Hundreds of pieces of jade carving exquisite style each different, varied, and make people like jade gardens, produce the aesthetic feeling of the apse. This exhibition is the biggest bright spot is famous for its jade carving industry in 'the gentleman' jade FuXueFei, 'Luo Hansan jie' Xiao Haichun disciple xin-hua hong, one of the 'new Shanghai jade' brand carving wit zhai according to wei and wang Yang, innovation Cui Lei and Yu Xuetao, promising young Huang Hanyong and Wu Xinguan, good at painting of flowers and animals jade carving Guo Wanlong, Wu Zao hair and is famous for its Shanghai son okada brand jade carving Wu Yin and ink line carve gui-ping wang and other contemporary famous jade carving artists to bring the classic works. FuXueFei works: unfortunately FuXueFei: Shanghai jade carving master the highest award in this exhibition, jade carving master FuXueFei was awarded the highest contribution award '' Shanghai jade carving master. It is understood that Shanghai royal house mate is led by the 'gentleman's jade artisan' FuXueFei, has full of classic lasting appeal of the precious hetian jade series. In many jade carving master, himself a delegation of cases, especially with a 'gentleman's jade artisan,' said the jade carving master FuXueFei led by Shanghai royal house mate launched a series of jade carving works give people brought infinite surprise. Which weighs 69 grams of xinjiang hetian jade is aspersed small gold white seed jade 'doors', see color whiten, oil embellish is bright and clean, the jade condensation, quality of a material is rigorous, moist and smooth contain among them, the noble quality, local spread small gold, pure and fresh quietly elegant, is the high-quality goods of jade carving. In front of the booth of the viewer. Mr FuXueFei excels at the finely crafted, kuan Yin, Buddha, traditional Chinese characters, especially for the doors, lohan, unfortunately, the elders, fish weng's most famous characters, the male characters of dynamic, muscle, look lifelike sculpture, breathtaking. Mr FuXueFei on each carve jade, jade will research material form, color, size, and so on Chen, looking for a conforms to the characters, scenery or jade expected, would be a perfect combination of art and jade expected, the jade carving works have been well received by masses of jade fan friend, and in January 2008 in Shanghai yan 'an hotel successfully hosted the first auction. In this exhibition, broad consumer attention a question: how to choose high quality jade. With all the popular fine jade, jade carving a collection lovers of objects. Due to various defective jade is difficult to identify, filled with the market. Mr FuXueFei pointed out that the investment of the success or failure of hetian jade mainly by its material, the labor and buying location decision, investors grasp the three can effectively avoid risk, to get the best hetian jade collection. The specific identification method of jade can also see the set up of hetian jade network. Royal house mate: a skillful craftsman cut mei-yu, jade article pass spirit during the exhibition, Shanghai royal house mate to jade lovers launched 'doors', 'fu lu old fairy', 'ocean's present a treasure' and so many classic jade carving works. Selects the superior hetian jade, all these works were crystal appearance, color, shape beauty, carved very vivid and verve. Due to long-term main character card, put a characters, royal mansion workshop in Shanghai based on the process or in the form of innovation has become the model of the industry. Nowadays, high relief and multi-level embossed characters brand has become the domestic jade lovers of love. In front of the broad masses of people praise 'doors', Shanghai royal house mate in November has just launched a high-relief extremely difficult. Due to the difficulty system is too large, the current domestic each big jade carving studio for such technology to also can be to gasp in admiration, sadly said dust. In order to better promote the communication and let the world know more about China, the Shanghai jade carving exhibition also illustrated and physical way of Shanghai jade carving process in one hundred on a literature review, and at the same time show 20 Shanghai jade carving masters exquisite masterpiece.
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