Shanghai International Parent-Child Expo hits hot, opening a new experience of parent-child interaction

by:Ennas      2021-11-13

The 4th Shanghai International Parent-Child Expo 2018 sponsored by Ruibao Pediatrics is about to hit the Shanghai Exhibition Center from March 29th to April 1st. The fair is for the whole family of 0-14 middle- and high-end parent-child families The interactive experience-based entertainment activities are hosted by the China International Economic and Technical Exchange Center directly under the Ministry of Commerce, Shanghai Family Service Industry Association, and undertaken by Shanghai Bigover Exhibition Co., Ltd. The expo will bring together more than 100 well-known brands in many industries such as parent-child education, parent-child reading, parent-child travel, parent-child photography, parent-child equipment, parent-child amusement, and parent-child health. The last parent-child expo was huge and attracted much attention. It attracted more than 7,000 professional visitors in three days, nearly 10,000 groups of parent-child families, and a total of 32,000 people visited the exhibition. The expo will take 'Enjoy the Parent-Child Life' as the theme, with rich on-site activities, parenting education expert lectures, children's talent competitions, dance music performances, Lego model robots, handmade cake DIY production, succulents, family parent-child robots, ARVR interaction, and pottery experience , Children's Cosplay Awards Ceremony and Catwalks, etc. Different from other activities, this is not a pure entertainment and play activity, but a happy experience that enlightens children, broadens their horizons, and strengthens their physique. The important thing is to convey a concept that encourages parents to love and accompany their children, return to life, and give their children more care, love and respect on weekdays. On-site lottery activities, Hao Li and big gifts are always giving away! Parent-child families who want to participate in the Shanghai Parent-Child Expo can follow the official WeChat account Parentingfair. The organizer will start activities such as free ticket grabbing worth 100 yuan and member recruitment for on-site highlight activities in mid-March! More fun interactions, more prizes are being stored Ready to go, don't miss it!
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