Shanghai focusing on multinational and regional artists figurines high-quality goods deductive 'urban change'

by:Ennas      2021-08-18
Core tip: Hong Kong, China figurine edge design of the 'big house', make the impossible possible, create unlimited limited and to achieve the effect of flexible change. Chen was taken 'city' the fox is the exhibition of Chinese figurines of Hong Kong's edge design 'big house', make the impossible possible, create unlimited and limited to achieve the effect of flexible change. Chen was taken in the 'city' the fox is the exhibition the only thing that works and recycled. The fox home. 2. 0 artists built a nest in the fox belly this year, the new fox, a bird of love mew, built the fox fairy tale world of life in harmony with the birds. Chen was taken in Shanghai on September 19 (Reuters) - Reporter Chen jing) The golden autumn season, 24 artists from seven countries and regions to carry its 45 groups small sculpture to open in Shanghai for two months on display. These subtle vivid works of art from different angles to deduce 'urban change' theme, namely, the city to seek new development in innovation and change. '2016 China Shanghai jing an international statuettes show' ( “JISP”) 19. This is jing 'an and zhabei districts the new jing 'an held international statuettes show for the first time. The JISP by Shanghai jing 'an district people's government, held by Shanghai city small statue committee office, 'the Louvre art collection' purple curator, Chinese famous curators Benedict wong as art director. It is reported that since 2010, held 'jing 'an international statuettes show' so far, has been the fourth. The exhibition interaction, to promote the art of the public and in promoting the public artistic accomplishment, improve public life fun, enhance civilization quality for the tourists, etc. Work 'the conflict and balance' has chosen the engineering machinery is now finished product creation, the excavator is now in the recovery of the finished product, explore the Shanghai intensity of human to the environment. Chen was taken, 'said' innovation 'is not only a kind of behavior, more means reducing the traditional social culture and the concept of personal value, with change is a way of thinking. Today's 'public art' more and more is not limited to the aesthetic category, and become to promote the coordinated development of urban health positive factors. According to introducing, the new exhibition at the art pursuit of synchronization in 'versatility' of the city. The exhibition in the exhibition form and specification, also has realized the 'change'. Along with the completion of 'small statue park art center', synchronous open exhibition for the first time realized the outdoor and indoor. This session of exhibition will be the new jing an area north of 'Ming of contemporary arts' and in daning LingShi park launched extended exhibition at the same time. 'Ming museum of modern art' the launch demonstration project 'why performance? ”; Daning LingShi park will display the works of George brown 'Wearetogether' ( We are together) , concentrated expression with your lover, family and friends of the joy and satisfaction. 'City' the fox is the exhibition of the only thing that works and recycled. The work is the most watched in the last exhibition work. After settled in the small statue park, the lovely fox not only attract tourists, also attracted a lot of birds nest, located more than one hundred bird's nest. Staff told reporters that each in the bird's nest has cameras, once the birds, the camera will record the birds 'family life'. The work ideas come from English country a man about how to survive with the fox from conflict to the harmony of the story, now in the 'fox' and formed a new micro ecology. It is understood that held during the exhibition, organizers will sync '2016 jing an international public art and urban renewal BBS ( J’PAC) ”。 The summit will further study the position and role of the public culture in urban development, discusses the public culture in promoting the sustainable development of cities and enhance the quality of life. In addition, also organized rich 'public activities' in order to improve the public participation of the public art. ( the
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