Shanghai dou bao art: dragon image - — Hongshan culture jade

by:Ennas      2020-05-30
Core tip: hongshan culture jade is found in the neolithic site of hongshan culture jade in China, and with its unique regional characteristics of modelling, exquisite carving process, and sui generis with jade hongshan culture jade is found in the neolithic site of hongshan culture jade in China, and with its unique regional characteristics of modelling, exquisite carving craft and sui generis system with the jade is famous. From the original simple decoration pipe, decorations, Jue ACTS the role of small jade, gradual development to make sacrifices, etiquette required multiplier, artifacts and other special kind of jade, its modelling, polishing and drilling technology has been from the beginning with the jade, the unique style and tradition, constitute Chinese ancient northern region has its own origin of jade system independently. Worship the dragon of hongshan culture thought is very outstanding, this also is why it is representative of the Chinese dragon. The unearthed objects in jade pig dragon and beast form jade is most dazzling, the dragon is a kind of synthetic animal model. Scholars guang-lin tian according to the decomposition of dragon head and the animal and plant environment that combines the west liaohe region, which contains the image of the pigs, deer, snakes and other animals. Similarly, hongshan culture in the 'gods' to the sun, but also embodies the ideals of this kind of diversity, this kind of jade carving head how Angle projection, animal head person, the small statue into a squat. Shanghai dou bao art exhibition recently is the sun god of hongshan culture and jade pig dragon. Hongshan culture jade in the modelling and the jade use of its own, showing a high artistic and cultural value, whose fame chow, the western han dynasty of ancient jade, has a very high artistic value and appreciate the value, the literary value, cultural value, the collection value and economic value, through the concise and clear engraving technology, to achieve the visual effect of the concrete and abstract. And jade pig dragon is elaborate, the modelling of primitive simplicity is powerful. Fat first big ear, kiss department level, don't cut through the circle, triangle incision body end to end, make a curly, back to the drill hole, facial wrinkles on the rim of the eye, intaglio lines, the whole device like a pig embryos. Suggested curl into 'C' shape at the same time, the stiffness, strong walking motion. Decoration techniques, hongshan culture jade in shallow round performance features of animals in the and, more importantly, in the jade surface grinding out a decorative tile lines. Tile between the ups and downs changes according to the size, width depth is very uniform rules. Was skinned striped jade piece, often with the grooves and white, foil to each other. The hongshan culture jade carving techniques on one of the most significant characteristics. The difficulty of this process is higher than other characterization of grain, but it can produce very big effect to the person's vision, as the change of light Angle, make the grain, thus the maximum highlight stereo feeling and administrative levels feeling and mystery. This characteristic makes itself characteristics of jade fruity, luster to the full performance. The other, if you have any questions about the collection, dou bao can contact Shanghai art exhibition co. , LTD. , the company in line with the concept of 'true, refined, thin', adhere to the principle of openness, fairness and justice ', and always will give top priority to customer demand, provide each customer with the best quality service.
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