Shanghai Disney responded to the app being notified: counterfeit program, investigation has been initiated!

by:Ennas      2022-01-27
Shanghai Disneyland APP violates user rights and collects personal information in violation of regulations? On October 27, the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the fifth batch of apps that violated user rights in 2020. Shanghai Disneyland, Best Shop, Kuaigou Taxi, LeTV Video, Fun Watch Video, etc. are listed. According to the report, in this test, many problems were found in the tests of input method, travel, e-commerce, audio and video apps, some app stores and mobile app distribution platforms were not responsible for management, and SDK companies had illegal collections. The behavior of the user's personal information. In the evening of the same day, Shanghai Disney Resort issued a statement on its WeChat official account stating that the Shanghai Disneyland APP developed by Horgos Lvji Software Technology Co., Ltd. mentioned in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that day was a counterfeit developed without the authorization of Shanghai Disney Resort. APP is not an official application of Shanghai Disney Resort and has no connection with Shanghai Disney Resort. Shanghai Disney Resort has communicated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The official app of Shanghai Disney Resort is the official app of Shanghai Disney Resort, which is developed and managed by the resort team. Visitors can download the application through the Apple App Store or Tencent App Store. Shanghai Disney Resort stated that in order to protect its reputation and rights, it has initiated an investigation into the counterfeit application.
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