Shanghai Disney Resort launches themed resort hotel-Toy Story Hotel

by:Ennas      2021-12-15

Xinhua Online, November 13th (Reporter Xu Xiaoqing) Shanghai Disney Resort, which is scheduled to open at the end of 2015, announced a number of resort attractions for the first time on the evening of the 13th, including the 'Twelve Friends Garden' and There are two theme hotels around the park-Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel, a large shopping, dining and entertainment area-Disney Town, and the Walt Disney Grand Theater and Central Lake District that provide supporting leisure services. According to the resort, in Shanghai Disneyland, in addition to the tallest and largest Disney castle 'Fantasy Fairy Tale Castle' that has been announced, and the world's first pirate theme park 'Treasure Bay' in Disneyland, there will also be a place full of Chinese characteristics. 'Twelve Friends Garden'. The entire park will present Disney's classic stories and characters through six theme parks.   Outside the theme park, two theme resort hotels launched by Shanghai Disney Resort. One is the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel with 420 rooms, using the elegant 'Art Nouveau' design style, and full of Disney's magic and imagination; the other is called 'Toy Story HotelEnter the world of wonderful toys in the popular Disney·Pixar movie series 'Toy Story'. Guo Weicheng, general manager of Shanghai Disney Resort, said: 'In addition to experiencing the magic of Disney in Shanghai Disneyland, future visitors will also enjoy the Disney experience jointly created by two theme hotels, Disney Town and Central Lake District.' Shanghai Disney The resort will be the sixth Walt Disney park and resort in the world. The Shanghai Disney project started construction in April 2011. The resort area is 3.9 square kilometers, of which theme parks are 1.16 square kilometers. In April 2014, the Chinese and American shareholders decided to 'expand' the Shanghai Disney project, adding large-scale attractions, catering, retail, and entertainment performance facilities to the first phase of the theme park. It is expected that the design capacity for tourists will increase by about 30% in the opening year. , Approaching the level of tens of millions of people.
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