Shanghai Bruker Technology Group Co., Ltd. announced the completion of a 330 million yuan A round of financing

by:Ennas      2022-02-03
National Products Toys Brooke Group Financing announced the completion of a 330 million yuan A round of financing. Source Code Capital and Legend Capital led the investment, and some original shareholders and Gaorong Capital participated in the investment. Bruco was established in 2014. Building blocks are the core basic product of the brand. After deepening operations in product development, channel expansion, marketing and promotion in recent years, Bruco Group has become the most watched enterprise in the domestic children's technology industry. Of the list. On Double Eleven this year, Bruker's e-commerce platform sales totaled over 50 million, and sales increased by 712% year-on-year, defending the title of champion of domestic brick sales. According to reports, BLU can be used as the foundation and core connection of the group's business, and its business covers toys, animation, games, and education. This round of financing will be mainly used to continue to promote the brand upgrade of the Group's Bruco Bricks and the continuous deepening of the market and channels, as well as other sectors of the group, such as digital content, B-end education, original animation creation and distribution and other related businesses. Further development. Zhu Weisong, founder and CEO of Bruker Group, said that in the future, we will continue to build the entire group system and product sequence around building blocks.
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