Shanghai Baoshan District Quality Supervision Bureau strengthens special law enforcement work, including children's toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

Recently, Shanghai Baoshan District Quality Supervision Bureau launched the 'Two Festivals' and 'Two Sessions' special law enforcement actions for children's toys in its jurisdiction. The law enforcement officers inspected more than 20 children's toys in a large supermarket in the jurisdiction, focusing on the inspection of the '3C' certification certificate, the authenticity of the certification mark and the authenticity of the six categories of children's toy products including baby carriages, electric toys, metal toys, plastic toys, and doll toys. Product certificate validity, etc. During the inspection, a suspected sale of children's toys without compulsory certification was found. Law enforcement officers of the Baoshan District Quality Supervision Bureau are conducting further investigations into the supermarket. In the next step, Baoshan District Quality Supervision Bureau will continue to strengthen special law enforcement work, standardize market order, severely investigate and deal with counterfeit, unlicensed production or sales of products, and strive to create a safe and peaceful holiday atmosphere.
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