Shang dynasty jade carving art and bronze figurines, occupies an important position in the history of Chinese civilization _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-26
Core tip: the merchant's love jade fashion the most direct result is that this period of jade products produced elegant, not only quantity and has the very high artistic value, in the Chinese ancient jade carving art has unique merchants love jade fashion the most direct result is that this period of jade products produced elegant, not only quantity and has the very high artistic value, in the Chinese ancient jade carving art has a unique style. Shang dynasty jade is one of the characteristics of various kinds, early and mid-term is given priority to with the ritual jade, ceremonial jade jade sort, or roughly from earlier generations. This period of jade article according to the different USES can be roughly divided into three categories, namely the ritual jade ceremonial jade, practical and decorative jade jade. Ritual jade ceremonial jade is mainly used for sacrifice, shang king and slave owners noble etiquette activities. Practical has independent from the jade, jade has life practical function. Made such a precious jade utensils, with the jade has gradually extended to the kinds of slave owners noble life. Shang dynasty jade characteristics is another theme of extensive neolithic jade focuses on the declared clan rank position relations between social members, are endowed with strong religion, magic and mysterious culture connotation, used for ancestor worship the gods and the tomb buried, dynasty jade will be more focused on this subject. Such subjects since the early shang also never interrupt, explain its originated in slave society and the development process of social economic and political life has always been a top priority, represents the exercise of sovereignty in the ruling class. The late shang dynasty the subjects were also expanded, the original dragon, phoenix, his presence over the subject matter of the mysterious culture meaning such as development has a certain content of the mythological. Third characteristics of shang dynasty jade is jade carving skill, diversified approach shang dynasty jade carving, liberaty than neolithic and modelling is thin, neat, scribed line smooth round straight drilling, shows that shang dynasty jade cutting, modelling, cut grain, cobalt hole, polishing has formed a complete process, greatly improve the technical level. Shang dynasty jade carving has adopted a mature relief carving techniques, increased the level of the decorative pattern, has the outstanding visual effect. Shang dynasty jade cut with the method of the front or side silhouette, which vividly depict the objects file, now our eyes line surface combined with the modelling of has the flavor of life, both special decorative beauty and artistic beauty is unique. Shang dynasty jade features of four is the fine jade expected, and jade expected and the performance content perfectly late shang dynasty jade especially materials are rich and colorful color, thousands of years later still glittering and translucent and sleek. After the tomb of fu hao experts about the scientific identification of 300, found that most of the soft is hetian jade, sapphire most in these jade expected, many of the round or in the field of material quality seeds, such as the animals cut into the system. Appearance of shang dynasty jade materials for natural form in addition to cut the round system, also cleverly artistic processing of the colour of jade expected, such as is often made from the same piece of jade jade expected similar to cut to shape. Shang dynasty jade characteristics of five is a rich variety of decorative decoration about most of the early shang dynasty some erlitou jades modelling is simple, no decorative element face, after the mid-term with a few weapons, tools, and the ritual jade not full decoration patterns, the rest all adornment, animal figures jade carved jade have colorful richly all sorts of adornment grain. These patterns on the whole not only depict the key characteristics of the local makes the sudden out again very decorative, also make the whole of the jade presents complicated luxuriant artistry, shang dynasty jade carving this feature gives a person leave deep impression. Six is the unique style of shang dynasty jade characteristics, strong artistic shang dynasty jade jade for sacrifice, ceremonial rites, one for the decorative jade and jade play in life. The ritual jade, ceremonial jade is used in the sacrificial religious activities, therefore, shang dynasty such jade tomahawk, knives, axes, such as modelling neat, grain is less, not the pursuit of colorful richly present a serious, cold, mysterious, and even ferocious art style. And jade, jade is used to the life decoration decorative overelaborate, vivid even scribed line soft, very life interest, manifests the lively the splendid artistic style. The artistry of shang dynasty jade is mainly on the various characters, animals, act the role ofing is tasted sculpture. Shang dynasty jade carving art and small bronze sculpture, occupies an important position in the history of Chinese civilization, thanks to the many unique and even the original cut art technique system, has the bright time feeling of shang dynasty jade carving art in the history of Chinese ancient jade carving has reached a peak. It summarizes the former generation of jade carving of a lot of practical experience, and this the trend of The Times, history of jade carving in China is of great significance, cut system technology, the design of offspring jade carving art form development had a profound impact.
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