Seven Questions to Know Before Promotion of Gift Promotion

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

In order to gain greater initiative and voice in market operation, distributors in the gift industry must abandon the original state of waiting, relying, and wanting manufacturers, and change passive marketing to active marketing. It is also necessary to learn to plan the market and use promotional activities to stimulate the consumption potential of the market. Then, dealers may wish to ask themselves these questions before planning a gift promotion plan:    1. Why do you want to do promotional activities to do a promotion is necessary Expenses cannot be a whim, so when designing a promotion plan and promotion plan, dealers must figure out why they want to do promotional activities: to fight against the infringement of competitorsTo enhance the brand image of a product, it is still to clean up the inventory. Only by understanding the starting point of promotion, dealers can better design targeted promotion programs.  2.When to do the promotion    is the time arrangement of the promotion. As a distributor, you must choose the right time for promotion. According to the market competition situation, the characteristics of holidays, low and peak seasons, etc., the promotion gear should be reasonably arranged, but in actual implementation, it should be adjusted in time according to the characteristics of market sales and competitors' trends, and promotion should not be done blindly and mechanically.  3. Where to do the promotion    is to determine the place of the promotion, whether to do the promotion in the township, or to do the promotion in the store, or other agreed places, so as to clarify the place of the promotion.  4. What kind of promotional activities do you want to do   is it a gift, a lottery, or event promotion, special promotion, etc. As a distributor, try not to use price wars to promote sales, because a price war will kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred”, and once the price is lowered, it will be very difficult to increase it again.  5. Who is responsible for the promotion, that is, who is responsible for the specific implementation of the promotion. If the promotion planned by the dealer does not fail, it must clarify the details of the promotion, and implement the various matters of promotion to everyone, so that everyone has something to do To do, everything is managed, so that there can be organization, planning, implementation, and evaluation. At the same time, in this regard, dealers can track the progress of promotional items in the form of Gantt chart, that is, by clarifying the promotional items, The specific person in charge, completion time, rewards and penalties, etc., so that the promotion work can be advanced in an orderly manner.    6. How to do a promotion promotion activities are divided into several stages, different themes and priorities at different stages, promotion strategy combination, promotion Positioning, etc., formulate product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, etc., so that promotion has the main line and soul. 7. How much promotion cost budget means how much the promotion will spend, including promotion product cost, sample cost, manpower cost, venue cost, Even public relations expenses, etc., through budgeting, dealers can prevent sales promotion at critical junctures because of cost problems, causing promotional activities to be out of the chain, leading to anticlimactic activities, and the effect is greatly reduced.    In short, dealers want to enhance their core competitiveness, It is necessary to make a good promotion plan, through good design of the promotion in advance, and implementation of the promotion details in the later stage, so as to ensure the effective operation of the promotion, contribute to the growth of sales, and constantly make the market active.
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