Senbao Building Blocks Joins [2021 Domestic Building Blocks TOP Brand Plan]

by:Ennas      2022-01-23
Recently, the building block brand Senbao/SEMBO BLOCK under Guangdong Senbao Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. has confirmed to participate in the domestic building block TOP brand plan. Senbao Building Blocks currently focuses on Shandong Ship, Aerospace Cultural and Creative, Aviation Cultural and Creative, Huojun Cultural and Creative, Palace Culture, Wandering Earth, Ultraman, Xiaoling Toys, Beijing Automobile Museum and other series as the main products. Senbao building blocks series products cover consumers of all ages, and interpreting Chinese culture with building blocks is the positioning set by Senbao building blocks. Senbao product line covers all kinds of domestic IP with Chinese cultural heritage. Senbao Building Blocks stated that in the future, it will continue to uphold the original intention of using building blocks to interpret Chinese culture, and make the world fall in love with Chinese culture by building blocks. Hot Product Recommendations ▌Hainan Ship: A joint product of CSSC Arts x Yuanwu Technology, another masterpiece after the Shandong Ship, the genuine Hainan Ship cultural and creative building block model that military fans should not miss. The total length is 84cm, and the shape of the Hainan ship is restored in depth; the lifelike hull details, the top deck is detachable, the anchor adopts a liftable design, and the aircraft lift platform is restored; the interior cabin has lighting effects. Large cabin capacity (can accommodate air cushion landing craft). ▌Sakura hot air balloon: Sakura hot air balloon music box, creative small ornaments with perfect sweetness; 718+ pieces, girls can easily control it; built-in lighting combination, and 7 colors of luminous combination, make love bloom like a cherry blossom . The first choice given to the object during the festival. ▌Bluetooth speaker: The 'Magic Sound of Mechanical' building block Bluetooth speaker series launched by Senbao Building Blocks is a desktop gadget that combines functions and beauty. The phonograph/piano above is designed with a proportional reduction, which is cute and loves little but has perfect details! Whether it's piano keys, sheet music, or phonograph records, knobs. Everything is available! Open the grand piano, you can still see the strings inside! Pull down the piano score in the front, the Bluetooth speaker becomes a mobile phone holder in seconds, and cooperates with the speaker at the back to realize the freedom of watching the drama in one second! Good-looking, fun and practical Bluetooth speakers for only 100 yuan~
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