Selection is very important for children's home textiles

by:Ennas      2022-02-11

For most parents, the health of their children is the top priority. At present, most families have only one child, and the concept of “would rather suffer than lose the child” has been recognized by more and more parents. Then, the place and brand of children’s bedding should be chosen carefully. Large home stores, mid-to-high-end department stores Shopping malls are all good choices. First, there are guarantee measures such as advance compensation and return of the difference; second, there will be more high-quality brands as choices, at least the risk of buying black cotton will be greatly reduced. Whether it is sleeping or playing, bed It is the place where children stay the most. Under the premise of ensuring health, parents may pay more attention to satisfying children’s tactile and visual preferences. Usually cotton and silk children’s bedding are the most popular. From the children’s aesthetic orientation Look, bright and soft colors and cartoon patterns that are at the forefront of children’s fashion will be children’s favorites. Once the baby’s taste is grasped, it’s not too difficult to choose the bedding they like. In line with individuality, generally speaking, Parents often start from a subjective point of view and think that their children do not have the ability to choose the household items they like, so they wish to make decisions for their children. In fact, if the children have their own aesthetic standards, they can let him choose. If you need parents to do it for you, you should also choose a color and style that suits your child’s age, gender, and personality. Otherwise, the child may refuse to sleep well because he doesn’t like the bed arranged by the parent. The pillow should first be soft and hard, and the head should not be too hard. It is comfortable and too soft to affect blood circulation and cause hair loss. Children have a large amount of activity and fast metabolism. Therefore, when children sleep at night, maintaining the air permeability of the head is conducive to the development of children’s intelligence, so good air permeability of the pillow is required. At the same time, children are prone to sweating at night, which requires good hygroscopicity of the pillow, otherwise the head damp will affect the quality of sleep. Sheets and sheets are the most intimate contact with children, so natural and soft cotton sheets are the best. If there are young babies in the family, parents may wish to prepare a few more cotton sheets, which are easy to clean, quick-drying, and do not need ironing. If the sheets are easy to make with the children turning over and twisting If you are in a mess, you can buy a larger bed sheet, tie the four corners and tuck it under the bed. Quilt Currently, there are more and more quilts of various materials on the market, so you should pay attention to the distinction when choosing a quilt for your child. , Such as duvets, silk quilts, fiber quilts, etc. Parents not only need to choose according to the child's physique, but also choose quilts of different materials and thickness according to the seasons. In summer, you can choose light, breathable cool quilts or thin porous fibers In winter, you can buy duck down and goose down quilts suitable for children to cover. In addition, the silk quilt considered to be the greenest is also an excellent choice for buying quilts for babies.
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