See what 'I am a singer' has for the gift industry?

by:Ennas      2022-02-15

Recently, the article 'I am a singer' in WeChat Moments 'I am a singer' is very hot. In the new year, distributors in the gift industry may be able to get more enlightenment from 'I am a singer'.  You need to have true feelings so that others will remember.   Whether it is singing or being in the world, skills are important, and true feelings are more important. There is a sense of true feelings, others will remember. From the perspective of gift dealers, sales promotion is very important, publicity is very important, self-quality is more important, and the most important from the customer’s point of view, gift brand is the consumer's awareness of the product, it is not a simple conformity, it is not A trademark or packaging is not a general concept of a product.   Therefore, a gift brand is a consumer’s recognition of the emotional benefits of the product, and it is a satisfaction of the consumer’s emotional value. The customer is God, and only by taking the interests of the customer as the starting point and standing on can impress consumers. Low face value is the catalyst. In this game, players must be faced with two extreme evaluations: too strong 'or ugly but not strong'...it is difficult to have evaluations such as good'. --So, work harder.    For distributors in the gift industry, low appearance is like the face of a door. The user’s first direct perception of gifts is not quality, but the perception is from its appearance and surface. The details start, so it is undoubtedly difficult for gift dealers to patronize quality issues and ignore the shape and style of gifts to be loved by customers; or gift dealers only pay attention to the interests of purely lowering the price, resulting in quality and appearance, and it is also difficult to recover. 'Good' evaluation, it is also difficult to win the hearts of consumers. Therefore, only the style is attractive enough and the quality is hard enough to have the last laugh!    If you don’t cater, you will be out. This is the rule of survival.    If you don’t cater, you may be out. This is the rule of survival. But in the first place, not everyone is suitable for survival under the same laws, and it really doesn't mean much. Sometimes user experience decides everything. Professionals do not count, but users do not count. What does this show? It shows that the spirit of the Internet is everywhere, and the customer is God.  With each passing day, new things are constantly emerging. Therefore, distributors in the gift industry must keep up with the pace of the times and cater to the needs of consumers in order to survive in this popular society.
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