See the new trend of baby strollers? Come October CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-12-22

As a truly one-stop baby and child product purchasing advantage platform, CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition is hosted by China Toys and Baby Products Association and will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 21-23, 2020. At present, the CKE China Baby Show has gathered brands including Goodbaby, Qiaoeryi, Lerui, Quintas, etc., which will bring innovative products, especially baby strollers, such as carbon fiber material gb Goodbaby FYN Feiyu , Qtus Q9Plus co-branded by artists, Joie Toursit smart wizard designed with one-key automatic folding, etc., will be unveiled at the scene to show industry trends. gb Goodbaby FYN Flying Feather: Carbon fiber material + multiple technological elements ensure lightness and compactness. The FYN Flying Feather series new-generation carbon fiber portable stroller weighs only 3.9 kg, which is 35% lighter than the world's first carbon fiber stroller in 2018; It is also nearly 15% lighter than the good kid's pocket car that once created the Guinness World Record 'smallest stroller after folding'. The backrest of the stroller adopts a longitudinal three-section structure, which fits the curve of the baby's back more closely. The adjustment of the backrest is more flexible and diverse. It can sit and lie down at 135°. The backrest cushion is made of DuPont material, which does not disperse when exposed to water and can be directly penetrated. It has the characteristics of moisture permeability, air permeability, and quick drying. Qtus Q9Plus 360° Stroller: Artist's joint name + lengthened and widened seat, highlighting the trendy mother style, British new graffiti artist Jon Burgerman joint cross-border style, leading the fashion trend of baby stroller, 50cm high landscape seat, 360 degree rotation, let young Parents can freely switch between parent-child mode and landscape mode. The seat is 85cm longer and 34cm wide, so that the baby can sit and lie comfortably. Joie Toursit Smart Wizard: One-button automatic folding design + 56cm high landscape, allowing young parents to easily bring their babies to travel. Tourist Smart Wizard won the German Red Dot Design Award, one-button automatic folding design, one-button automatic folding design, one-touch opening, the whole car only weighs 6Kg, small size after storage, easy to put into the trunk, 56cm high landscape design, giving the baby a better view space, full cover UV50+ sunscreen canopy, waterproof and UV protection, multi-stage back reclining angle adjustment plus two leg reclining adjustments , Let the baby sit and lie comfortably. Quinny VNC high-view stroller: fashionable design + adapt to a variety of use modes, the baby is more comfortable to ride. Once on the Milan Fashion Week runway, it is suitable for babies aged 7-36 months. It is also applicable. The seat angle can be adjusted in multiple steps and used in two directions. The four wheels adopt independent suspension shock absorber system to reduce the bumps from the ground and care for the baby to sleep well. Goodbaby, Qiaoeryi, Qtus, and Le Rui are the exhibitors of CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair. If you have any intention of cooperation, please contact the organizer, China Toys and Baby Products Association ( The '365 Cloud Exhibition' platform has achieved remarkable results, with 2.7 million views accurate E docking with the China Game Association '365 Cloud Exhibition' platform has achieved remarkable results. At present, 2500+ exhibitors have settled in, including 20,000+ toys and baby products, 1800+IP At the same time, it has also gathered 150,000+ buyers of toys, infants and children’s education supplies, retail chain agencies, educational institutions, commercial real estate, etc., with more than 2,700,000 page views. One-to-one precise cloud service guides all companies in the industry. E docking at any time during the year to help exhibitors and visits with better results! About CKE China Baby u0026 Child Exhibition As a truly one-stop high-quality platform for purchasing baby products, CKE China Baby u0026 Child Exhibition focuses on displaying new products, new technologies and new designs from more than 30 countries and regions overseas, as well as characteristic companies in 20 major domestic production areas. And new trends. Different from similar industry exhibitions, the B2B2C model is pioneered on the basis of B2B. Brand companies can not only harvest global channel orders, but also get close contact with end consumers to realize the transformation of marketing model to new retail; the focus of exhibits this year is 'non-standard products' Transfer to help the maternal and infant system get rid of the status quo of homogenized competition and create new profit growth points. In 2020, the exhibition area will exceed 40,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors will be 400+, the number of brands will be 1,000+, and the number of professional buyers will exceed 70,000. The 2020 CLE China Authorized Exhibition, CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition, CTE China Toy Fair, and CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition will be held on the same stage at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 21-23. The old time, the old place, and the better results. At present, the exhibition application and visit registration system is fully open. Baidu searches for CKE China Baby and Children Fair, log in to the official website (, click on the company to book booths or buyers to register and purchase to participate.
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